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Awesome Open Source

A web extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter, TikTok... requests to alternative privacy friendly frontends and backends.

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Firefox Add-on 


Note: The Extension will be using random instances by default. You can modify this and add custom instances too.

Please read the FAQ if you have any questions!


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  • XMR: 4AM5CVfaGsnEXQQjZSzJvaWufe7pT86ubcZPr83fCjb2Hn3iwcForTWFy2Z3ugXcufUwHaGcucfPMFgPXBFSYGFvNrmV5XR

Note : We have removed our addresses for BTC and ETH. If you want to donate via Crypto, please use OpenCollective. We still have XMR as OpenCollective doesn't support it.

Mirror Repos

Codeberg   GitHub  




Install Dependencies

Node.js latest LTS is recommended

npm update
npm install

Generate the HTML pages (you should install pug-cli first globally):

npm run pug

Build the extension zip archive:

npm run build

Test in Firefox

npm run start

Install temporarily

  1. Type in the address bar: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox
  2. Press Load Temporary Add-on...

Install in Firefox ESR, Developer Edition, Nightly

  1. Type in the address bar: about:config
  2. Set xpinstall.signatures.required to false
  3. Type in the address bar: about:addons
  4. Click on the gear shaped settings button and select Install Add-on From File...
  5. Select from web-ext-artifacts folder

Install in Chromium browsers

  1. Open chrome://extensions
  2. Enable dev mode
  3. Select load unpacked extension
  4. Select src folder

Privacy Policy
Forked from Privacy Redirect

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