Test reliable udp for situation of realtime pvp game by wireless.
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3 years ago87gpl-3.0C++
Gopher360 is a free zero-config app that instantly turns your Xbox 360, Xbox One, or even DualShock controller into a mouse and keyboard. Just download, run, and relax.
6 years ago6C
The software toolchain for Sifteo's 2nd generation product
Gba Link Connection74
20 days agomitC++
A set of Game Boy Advance (GBA) C++ libraries to interact with the Serial Port. Its main purpose is providing multiplayer support to homebrew games.
5 years ago3gpl-2.0C++
Test reliable udp for situation of realtime pvp game by wireless.
Ln Game Theory19
8 years agoMatlab
Matlab code for the figures and the examples used in G. Bacci, L. Sanguinetti, and M. Luise, "Understanding game theory via wireless power control,' submitted to IEEE Signal Process. Mag., Oct. 2014.
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Wireless Game Show Buzzer System with Arduino Nano and NRF24l01
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3 years ago8
Wireless web launcher for naomi
2 years agoObjective-C
An implementation of the classic Robotron 2048 for the iPad and Mac.
Pygame Controller7
10 months ago1gpl-3.0Python
Helper class to hook up applications to game controllers. Designed to assist controlling Raspberry Pi based robots using game controllers.
3 years agoJava
This Android App is used as a gamepad/joystick for Windows PC games or Windows 8 games with your Android Mobile/Tablet using Bluetooth or WiFi wireless connection.This application provides you to save keyboard button mappings and send its corresponding virtual code to simulate/mimic the keyboard clicks and also provides to use your mobiles Accelerometer to steer in game which will give you best racing game experience and you can also save your game profiles remotely in from your server application and save your button mappings from keyboard . This provides all basic keyboard buttons / shortcuts which will allow you to operate your PC remotely in your Bluetooth or WiFi range.
Alternatives To Reliable_udp_bench_mark
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A bench mark test for udp reliable protocal framework.

The bench mark is for realtime pvp game. For example, the multiplayer first person shooting game.
The requirement of realtime pvp game is packet is small and frequently.
It wants a minimal delay. And the worst delay should be not so worse.
The test client send 500 bytes in every 50 milliseconds. And the server send it back after receiving immediately.

Three frameworks were tested,

  • UDT - UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol
  • kcp - A Fast and Reliable ARQ Protocol
  • enet - Reliable UDP networking library

You can see the whole bench mark test result in

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