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What is Gitl HEVC Analyzer


Gitl HEVC/H.265 Analyzer is an open-source tool for bitstream analysis for HEVC/H.265 .

It is released under modified Apache License 2.0. If you want to use it for commercial purpose, please write us an email about your work. If you are not using it to develop weapons, produce or sell illegal drugs, and if you are not a terrorist, we will give your a commercial version for free.

If you are using our analyzer in your paper, please add a footnote or reference to our work

Current building status: Build Status

(Not working on Mac OS X for now. Fixing..)

Looking for binary?

(If the binary is unstable on your system, please compile the source code)

Windows (64 bit):

For Linux & Mac OS X users, please compile the source code

If you find any bugs, you are welcomed to open new issues.

This work was partially supported by:

National Natural Science Foundation, P.R.China, under Grant 61173081

Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, P.R.China, under Grant S2011020001215.

Why Gitl HEVC Analyzer

First, all the commercial HEVC analyzers are too expensive.

Second, we need to draw additional graphics on the analysis results. It supports custom filters. In fact, all the features are implemented via custom filters.


User Manual

Program structures (coming soon)

How to write a custom filter (coming soon)


Windows (Dark theme): Win

Linux (Default theme): Linux

Mac OS X (Default theme): Linux


Support YUV420 (8bit) bitstream.

For historical reasons, besides formal HEVC bitstream, it also supports bitstreams generated by older HM encoders (HM-4.0, HM-5.2, HM-10.0 and HM-12.0).

  • [x] Custom Plugins Support
  • [x] Zoom In/Out Details
  • [x] Predition Type Display
  • [x] Coding Unit (CU) Display
  • [x] Predition Unit (PU) Display
  • [x] Transform Unit (TU) Display
  • [x] Motion Vectors (MV) Display
  • [x] Intra Mode (Angular, DC, Planar) Display

Road Map

  • [x] Frames Bit Heatmap Filter
  • [x] Frame Timeline
  • [ ] Slice Display
  • [x] Tile Display (Thank Yangyang Men)
  • [ ] GOP Structure Graph
  • [ ] 10 Bit YUV Support
  • [ ] Bitsteam Comparison

How To Build

Written in C++ with Qt5 (c++11 support required) You should get and install Qt 5.1.0 or higher.

  1. Clone this repository.
git clone GitlHEVCAnalyzer
  1. Init & update the submodules.
cd GitlHEVCAnalyzer
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule update --recursive

3a. Build on linux:

qmake -qt=qt5 -r "CONFIG+=Release"

3b. Build on windows:

qmake -r "CONFIG+=Release"

3c. Build on macosx:

# in case you don't have qt5 installed
# brew install qt5
qmake -r "CONFIG+=Release"

Instead of the building on the command line , Qt Creator is supported. Clone this project and its submodules, then open in Qt Creator.

Contact Us

Intelligent Information Processing Lab

School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, P.R.China

Author: Huang Li (李璜)

[email protected]

Supervised by Prof. Hongyang CHAO

Hongyang Chao (朝红阳)

[email protected]

School of Software

Sun Yat-sen University

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