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This is pre-release software. It's only been testing by me on my personal postfix server. Running this anywhere on a production machine might cost you your job, although afterwards please do let me know how it failed you so I can fix it.


openpgpkey-milter is a sendmail/postfix milter service that will attempt to automatically OpenPGP encrypt plaintext emails received by the MTA/MUA before relaying the message further towards the recipient(s). These can be messages received from the network, or generated locally.


Apart from requiring a milter compatible mail server (postfix or sendmail), openpgpkey-milter requires:

  • python-unbound / unbound-python (in all major distros)
  • python-milter / python-pymilter (in all major distros)
  • python-requests (in all major distros)
  • python-gnupg (older versions might need a patch
  • gnupg, libmilter, etc which are dragged in dependancies by the above packages


The hash-slinger package contains an "openpgpkey" command that allows you to generate and verify your own OPENPGPKEY records.

How does it work

openpgpkey-milter detects when a message is not encrypted with gpg and then checks all the recipients to see if they published the special OPENPGPKEY DNS record or a Web Key Directory.

Configuration of the milter service

To use openpgpkey-milter with postfix, add to /etc/postfix/

 smtpd_milters = inet:
 non_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters
 milter_default_action = tempfail
 milter_protocol = 2

If you run opendkim, ensure you add openpgpkey-milter before opendkim or you'll break the opendkim signatures. For the fedora/rhel configuration where opendkims uses port 8891, you can use the following:

 smtpd_milters = inet:, inet:
 non_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters
 milter_protocol = 2
 milter_default_action = accept

Mailing list and bug reports

There is no mailing list yet. Please send questions and bug reports to [email protected]. However if you run openpgpkey-milter on your mail server and it broke, you might be better of mailing me at the unsigned domain [email protected].

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