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Schema Registry CLI and client

This repository contains a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a Go client for the REST API of Confluent's Kafka Schema Registry.

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To install the CLI, assuming a properly setup Go installation, do:

go get -u

After that, the CLI is found in $GOPATH/bin/schema-registry-cli. Running schema-registry-cli without arguments gives:

A command line interface for the Confluent schema registry

  schema-registry-cli [command]

Available Commands:
  add         registers the schema provided through stdin
  compatible  tests compatibility between a schema from stdin and a given subject
  exists      checks if the schema provided through stdin exists for the subject
  get         retrieves a schema specified by id or subject
  get-config  retrieves global or suject specific configuration
  subjects    lists all registered subjects
  versions    lists all available versions

  -h, --help         help for schema-registry-cli
  -n, --no-color     dont color output
  -e, --url string   schema registry url, overrides SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL (default "http://localhost:8081")
  -v, --verbose      be verbose

Use "schema-registry-cli [command] --help" for more information about a command.

The schema registry url can be configured through the SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL environment variable, and overridden through --url. When none is provided, http://localhost:8081 is used as default.


The client package provides a client to deal with the registry from code. It is used by the CLI internally. Usage looks like:

import ""

client, _ := schemaregistry.NewClient(schemaregistry.DefaultUrl)

Or, to use with a Schema Registry endpoint listening on HTTPS:

import (


// Create a TLS config to use to connect to Schema Registry. This config will permit TLS connections to an endpoint
// whose TLS cert is signed by the given caFile.
caCert, err := ioutil.ReadFile("/path/to/ca/file")
if err != nil {

caCertPool := x509.NewCertPool()

tlsConfig :=  &tls.Config{
    RootCAs:            caCertPool,
    InsecureSkipVerify: true,

httpsClientTransport := &http.Transport{
  TLSClientConfig: tlsConfig,

httpsClient := &http.Client{
  Transport: httpsClientTransport,

// Create the Schema Registry client
client, _ := schemaregistry.NewClient(baseurl, UsingClient(httpsClient))

The documentation of the package can be found here: GoDoc

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