A Graphite dashboard similar to the Ganglia-web interface
Alternatives To Graphsky
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Giraffe - a graphite dashboard with a long neck
3 years ago27apache-2.0CSS
A dashboard for Graphite
Alternatives To Graphsky
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Graphsky is a dashboard for Graphite. The primary goal of Graphsky is simplicity and puts the focus on that which is important, the graphs, by keeping the UI as simple and clean as possible.

To use the full power of Graphsky you should have your metrics stored in a hierarchy:

  • [optional_prefix].environment.cluster.hostname.metric

It uses json based templates to specify report graphs (similar to Ganglia-web). In dashboards.json you can specify which report you want to see for which evironment(s) / cluster(s).


Just copy conf_default.php to conf.php or create a new file in which you only override the settings you want/need to change.

  • dashboard_domainname: Specify the URL under which you will be running Graphsky here
  • use_random_graph_domainname: This will cause Graphsky to use random graph domainnames (for example: to speed up image loading in browsers. To disable this, set it to False. Note: If you are going to use this, make sure you have a wildcard record in your DNS for this.
  • graphite_url_base: Specify the base URL for you Graphite webinterface here.
  • graphite_prefix: Use this setting to specify a generic prefix of the metrics you'd like to graph. In case of Collectd metrics, this would be the same as the 'Prefix' option of the write_grapghite plugin for Collectd.

Collectd configuration

Works best with Collectd 5.x and the write_graphite plugin with the following options:

  • Prefix "collectd."
  • EscapeCharacter "."
  • SeparateInstances true
  • StoreRates true
  • AlwaysAppendDS true

To create the hierarchy structute in Graphite, you could use a Hostname setting in collectd.conf like this: Hostname "environment.cluster.hostname"

Screen shots

Web interface: Sample dashboard

Mobile interface:

Mobile dashboard

Nagios/Icinga/Icinga-web integration

Integrate your graphs in your monitoring tool by including a graph.php link:

  • http://[domainname]/graph.php?s={service_name}&c={hostgroup_name}&h={host_name}&width=1000&height=600&from=-1%20hour

Make sure you specify a "service_name" matching the service_name given by your monitoring solution in your json graph template.

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