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Bicing Statistics API

Symfony 4 REST API applying CQRS and DDD patterns, built with CI, driven by BDD.

PHP 7.2 reference build coverage insight Contributions welcome License

Get statistics and locations of bicycle stations.

The goal of this REST API is to ease customer's usage of large-scale public bicycle sharing system.
By collecting data from different providers (Bicing, Velib, ...) it gives powerful information (location to pick or return a bike, best time for picking up a bike, ...).
Here is an example of a user interface project calling the API /lechatquidanse/bicing-user-interface-app

Getting StartedFeaturesBuilt WithDevelopmentCoding StandardCI and Deployment

Bicing API RESTs examples

Getting Started


To install and run the API you need Docker Compose and... that's all. Please follow the official documentation to install it on your environment.


Clone the project and run the default installation:

git clone && cd bicing-api && make install

Your docker containers should have been successfully built and run.


Multiple features are proposed across 2 user interfaces, a REST API and command-line commands:


Bicing API RESTs features

You can find the concrete user stories written in Gherkin in features folder. These behaviour requirements are tested with Behat.


Bicing API CLI features

To run the project once installed:

Built with


The Makefile contains useful command for development purpose

Makefile helpul commands

Coding standard

Domain Driven Design

Code and folder structure follow Domain Driven Design (DDD).

        |\ Application     `Contains the Use Cases and the Processes of the domain system, commands, handlers and subscribers`
        |\ Domain          `The system business logic layer (Models, Events, Exceptions...)`
        |\ Infrastructure  `Its the implementation of the system outside the model. I.E: Persistence, Query, etc`
        |\ UserInterface   `It contains all the interfaces allowed for a user of the API (Cli, HTTP, Rest, etc)`

Command Query Responsibility Segregation

In this project, a use case is a command or a query with a single responsibility. This use case is then handled by a handler for a command or a data provider for a query.

Commands are handled by a message bus (SimpleBus) where a command is link to one handler.
For example, to create a station in database:

CQRS command handler

If you want to learn more and look for other DDD and CQRS implementation, here is a great Symfony4 boilerplate from jorge07.

CI and Deployment

CI and deployment can be handled through Gitlab and Docker thanks to .gitlab-ci.yml It contains 3 different stages.


Environment 'test' is triggered when a 'feature/*' branch is pushed to the repository. It will then install project and launch qa tools.


Environment 'build' is triggered when a 'release/*' branch is pushed to the repository. It will then install project, launch qa tools and then build and push a docker image on a registry if no error occurred.


This manual action, will pull the image build by the previous step and update the specific container.

Continuous Integration



Stéphane EL MANOUNI  ·  Linkedin

Pascal Borreli  ·  GitHub

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