An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for LaTeX
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2 days ago9October 23, 202228gpl-3.0Rust
An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for LaTeX
Ltex Ls552
2 months ago59mpl-2.0Kotlin
LTeX Language Server: LSP language server for LanguageTool :mag::heavy_check_mark: with support for LaTeX :mortar_board:, Markdown :pencil:, and others
3 months ago30gpl-3.0TypeScript
An online blackboard 🖉 with fridge magnets 🌈🧲 for teaching, and making animations 🏃 and presentations ⎚.
4 years ago50apache-2.0JavaScript
A collaborative Latex Editor written in Scala and AngularJS
Math Server Docker59
4 years ago2mitDockerfile
The ideal multi-user Data Science server with Jupyterhub and RStudio, ready for Python, R and Julia languages.
23 days agomitJavaScript
most simple static web server
3 years agomitJava
LaTeX Render Utilities / LaTeX Render Server (Spring Boot REST microservice)
6 years ago8Python
A slack bot for rendering LaTeX formulas
7 months ago3agpl-3.0Python
Lightweight Python server for securely rendering LaTeX diagrams to SVG and PNG within Docker.
Python Ci5
5 years ago34mitJavaScript
A lightweight CI-server with a web interface
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A cross-platform implementation of the Language Server Protocol providing rich cross-editing support for the LaTeX typesetting system. The server may be used with any editor that implements the Language Server Protocol.


Getting Started

If your editor extension like does not install the TexLab server automatically, you will need to install it manually. We provide precompiled binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS. Alternatively, you can build TexLab from source or install it using your package manager. For a list of supported package managers, you can take a look at Repology:

Packaging status


A TeX distribution is not strictly required to use the server but TexLab cannot compile your documents without one. TexLab supports compiling using Tectonic. For an example configuration, please see here.

On Windows, you may need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

Building from Source

You will need to install the following dependencies to compile the server:

  • A recent, stable version of Rust

Then run the following command in the project folder:

cargo build --release

Avoid installing texlab from crates.io because we don't publish new versions of the server to the registry, anymore. Instead, you can use

cargo install --git https://github.com/latex-lsp/texlab --locked --tag <insert version here>


After installing an editor extension, you can simply start editing LaTeX files. All editing features work out-of-the-box over all files in the currently opened workspace. There is no need for magic comments like %!TEX root and TexLab should figure out the dependencies of a file on its own. Note that you may need to set the texlab.rootDirectory option for some multi-folder projects.

TexLab features a variety of options which can be used to configure features like building or forward search.

See the Wiki for more information.


You can create a debug build by building the server without the --release flag. The resulting build can be used with the Visual Studio Code extension by adding the absolute path of the target/debug folder to your PATH environment variable.

TexLab has an extensive test suite of unit and integration tests. You can run them by executing

cargo test

in the project folder.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

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