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🧩 Monibuca is a Modularized, Extensible framework for building Streaming Server.

  • Customize the server by combining function plug-ins.
  • It's easy to develop plug-ins to implement business logic.
  • Reduce enterprise development cost and improve development efficiency

Quick start

Go has not been installed

bash <(curl -s -S -L

Go is already installed

  1. go get
  2. $GOPATH/bin/monibuca
  3. open your browser http://localhost:8081
  4. use ffmpeg or OBS to push video streaming to rtmp://localhost/live/user1


Nodejs has not been installed

bash <(curl -s -S -L

Nodejs is already installed

  1. npm i -g @langhuihui/monica
  2. monica
  3. open your browser http://localhost:3000
  4. follow the guide to create your project


go to to submit your own plugin

Project Description
plugin-rtmp rtmp protocol support.push rtmp stream to stream from monibuca.
plugin-rtsp rtsp protocol support.pull/push rtsp stream to monibuca
plugin-hls pull hls stream to monibuca
plugin-ts used by plugin-hls. read ts file to publish
plugin-hdl http-flv protocol support. pull http-flv stream from monibuca
plugin-gateway a console and dashboard to display information and status of monibuca ,also can display UI of other plugins
plugin-record record multimedia stream to flv files
plugin-cluster cascade transmission of multimedia by cluster network
plugin-jesscia play multimedia stream through websocket protocol
plugin-logrotate split log files by date or size
plugin-rtp used by plugin-webrtc and plugin-rtsp
plugin-webrtc webrtc protocol support. push webrtc stream to monibuca or pull webrtc stream from monibuca
plugin-gb28181 gb28181 protocol support.

Protocol Functions

Protocol Pusher(push)-->Monibuca Source-->Monibuca(pull) Monibuca-->Player(pull) Monibuca(push)-->Other Server




Q: There are so many streaming server projects in the world,why need to create Monibuca?

A: Monibuca is different from other streaming servers,that it was created for facilitate secondary development.

Q: Why use golang?

A: Golang is a greate programming language. It is very suited to build streaming server since streaming server is a kind of IO intensive system. Goroutine is good at doing these jobs. Another important reason of using Golang is that people read the source code or doing secondary development easier.

Q: What does "Monibuca" mean?

A: No special meaning. Just from monica —— a girl name.

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