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Bob Wallet: A Handshake Wallet and Full Node

Bob Wallet is a Handshake wallet with an integrated full node.

Status: This is beta software. As with all wallet GUIs, please use with care, and at your own risk.

How to Install Bob Wallet

Most users should use the prebuilt binaries in this repo's releases page.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 11 08 18 AM

Note: this screenshot is unlikely to age well but the filetypes are highlighted so you know what to install. It says 0.2.6 here but you should always look for the latest version.

  • OSX: .dmg
  • Windows: .msi


While not officially supported, you may wish to create a production build for your Linux machine.

git clone
cd bob-wallet; npm install

Optionally, test it works before building:

npm run dev

Lastly, build the app package:

npm run package-linux

The output app will be created in the /release folder. Open Bob-x.x.x.AppImage to start the wallet.


Bob supports all of the following features:

  1. Name auctions
  2. DNS record management
  3. Send/receive coins Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 1 33 11 PM
  4. Airdrop claims Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 1 33 32 PM
  5. Name watchlists Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 1 32 49 PM
  6. Transferring names


Contributions are most welcome. Some contributor activity occurs on Telegram/bobwallet.

Inquiries to integrate with hardware wallets, ecosystem DNS/website infrastructure, and offers to collaborate with other Handshake-aligned projects are also most welcome. Please make inquiries via Telegram, to [at]sdtsui.

If you are an individual developer looking to add a feature, fix a bug, or create new documentation -- please feel free to reach out, even if just to say hello. We are also exploring incentivization mechanisms, potentially ramping up from small bounties to ecosystem-funded full-time developers.

Building From Source

Please see this guide, courtesy of @pinheadmz. It explains how to get set up in dev mode, and includes some helpful tips like (i) how to tail log output and (ii) how one can have a "personal mainnet" Bob while developing on a different Bob instance.

Reporting Issues

[DEPRECATED] Most discussion around Bob is on the forum. Please go there to report issues and send feedback. The forum is also where we'll post announcements.

We have no officially sanctioned or administered support/development channels, so this list will be periodically updated as the community develops. For now, the Telegram/bobwallet is the best place for questions.

Non-Security Issues

Please report issues using Github issues on this repo. Please file bugs with the provided template.

Security Issues

Please don't report security issues on GitHub. Instead, send an e-mail to dtsui [at] kyokan [dot] io (4096R/395CD3B2) describing your issue.



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