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Know your Intent : Intent Classification Using Semantic Hashing

Implementation of Subword Semantic Hashing for Intent Classification on Small Datasets.

  title={Subword Semantic Hashing for Intent Classification on Small Datasets},
  author={Shridhar, Kumar and Sahu, Amit and Dash, Ayushman and Alonso, Pedro and Pihlgren, Gustav and Pondeknath, Vinay and Simistira, Fotini and Liwicki, Marcus},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.07150},


Intent Classification using Semantic Hashing as Featurizer was used. We successfully achieved State-of-the-Art results in three datasets:

  1. Ask Ubuntu Coprus
  2. Web Application Corpus
  3. Chatbot Corpus

Read about the details in this blog


The results were compared with other NLU service providers like Google DialogueFlow, IBM Watson, Recast AI, Botify, RASA, Snips and so on and a comparison was drawn:

Comparison Results Table


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