Ios Clean Architecture Mvvm

Template iOS app using Clean Architecture and MVVM. Includes DIContainer, FlowCoordinator, DTO, Response Caching and one of the views in SwiftUI
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Ios Clean Architecture Mvvm3,266
4 days agoSwift
Template iOS app using Clean Architecture and MVVM. Includes DIContainer, FlowCoordinator, DTO, Response Caching and one of the views in SwiftUI
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App iOS correspondiente al proyecto de la comunidad MoureDev
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Mvvm Ac99
4 years agoSwift
Xcode 10 Template For MVVM
Alternatives To Ios Clean Architecture Mvvm
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Template iOS App using Clean Architecture and MVVM

iOS Project implemented with Clean Layered Architecture and MVVM. (Can be used as Template project by replacing item name “Movie”). More information in medium post: Medium Post about Clean Architecture + MVVM

Alt text


  • Domain Layer = Entities + Use Cases + Repositories Interfaces
  • Data Repositories Layer = Repositories Implementations + API (Network) + Persistence DB
  • Presentation Layer (MVVM) = ViewModels + Views

Dependency Direction

Alt text

Note: Domain Layer should not include anything from other layers(e.g Presentation — UIKit or SwiftUI or Data Layer — Mapping Codable)

Architecture concepts used here


  • Pagination
  • Unit Tests for Use Cases(Domain Layer), ViewModels(Presentation Layer), NetworkService(Infrastructure Layer)
  • Dark Mode
  • Size Classes and UIStackView in Detail view
  • SwiftUI example, demostration that presentation layer does not change, only UI (at least Xcode 11 required)


If you would like to reuse Networking from this example project as repository I made it availabe here

Views in Code vs Storyboard

This repository uses Storyboards (except one view written in SwiftUI). There is another similar repository but instead of using Storyboards, all Views are written in Code. It also uses UITableViewDiffableDataSource: iOS-Clean-Architecture-MVVM-Views-In-Code

How to use app

To search a movie, write a name of a movie inside searchbar and hit search button. There are two network calls: request movies and request poster images. Every successful search query is stored persistently.


  • Xcode Version 11.2.1+ Swift 5.0+
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