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Exam AZ-203

Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

This repository is meant to help you get certified in Microsoft Azure. It contains various resources and links to help you level up in developing applications for Microsoft Azure. Feel free to help out with new resources if you find any relevant ones. The information in this repository is basedo on the skills measured in the exam. You can read the details here on the Microsoft website: Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Getting Started

Azure can be quite intimidating because of the vast amount of services and options. Therefore it would make sense to choose a specific learning path in order to learn how Azure can be used within the area you work in. I would recommend everyone getting started with Azure to visit the Microsoft Learn portal. The portal is a great resource for getting familiar with services in Azure.

The exam consists of these areas:

  • Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions (10-15%)
  • Develop Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions (20-25%)
  • Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)
  • Implement Azure security (10-15%)
  • Connect to and Consume Azure Services and Third-party Services (20-25%)

Each area will be described with links to the individual subjects.

Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions (10-15%)

Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM)

Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services

Create containerized solutions

Develop Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions (20-25%)

Create Azure App Service Web Apps

Create Azure App Service mobile apps

Create Azure App Service API apps

Implement Azure functions

Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)

Develop solutions that use storage tables

Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage

Develop solutions that use a relational database

Develop solutions that use blob storage

Implement Azure security (10-15%)

Implement authentication

Implement access control

Implement secure data solutions

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)

Develop code to support scalability of apps and services

Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions

Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

Connect to and Consume Azure Services and Third-party Services (20-25%)

Develop an App Service Logic App

Integrate Azure Search within solutions

Establish API Gateways

Develop event-based solutions

Develop message-based solutions

Flash Cards (Tinycards) for Practicing

I have created a set of Tinycards to help you practice for the exam. However, the exam does require you to code. The cards will therefore only be for yourself to practice knowledge regarding central concepts of the subjects.

TinyCards Flash Cards

EXAM AZ-203: Flash Cards for Practicing

Code Samples

The code samples are created by Microsoft and contain samples for each of the project areas. Only the areas where programming is necessary is represented in the samples. Some of the areas are primarily focused on the portal.

Exam Questions

It is possible to find relevant exam questions online. Here are a few links to relevant questions to help you prepare. These are closer than the flash cards to how your exam will actually look.

Courses - Exam Preparation


This project was created to keep a centralized place for all the resources I needed to become proficient in Azure. Feel free to suggest or add other resources that might be relevant or let me know if some of the resources are unavailable.

You can read more on contributing in the file.

Going Forward

The repository will be updated with regular intervals.


License: MIT

See the explanation of the MIT License here..

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