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Pydantic PyCharm Plugin

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A JetBrains PyCharm plugin for pydantic.


I got interviewed about this plugin for JetBrains' PyCharm Blog.


See documentation for more details.



Quick Installation

The plugin is in Jetbrains repository (Pydantic Plugin Page)

You can install the stable version on PyCharm's Marketplace (Preference -> Plugins -> Marketplace) Official Documentation

The plugin requires PyCharm 2020.2 or later (include other JetBrains IDEs)

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  • Model-specific __init__-signature inspection and autocompletion for subclasses of pydantic.BaseModel
  • Model-specific __init__-arguments type-checking for subclasses of pydantic.BaseModel
  • Refactor support for renaming fields for subclasses of BaseModel
    • (If the field name is refactored from the model definition or __init__ call keyword arguments, PyCharm will present a dialog offering the choice to automatically rename the keyword where it occurs in a model initialization call.)
  • Search related-fields by class attributes and keyword arguments of __init__ with Ctrl+B and Cmd+B
  • Provide an inspection for type-checking which is compatible with pydantic. the inspection supports parsable-type. the detail is at Inspection for type-checking section
  • Insert unfilled arguments with a QuickFix for subclasses of pydantic.BaseModel
  • Support typing.Annotated (PEP 593)
  • Regex arguments in Field and constr are treated as Python's regex string literals


  • Support same features as pydantic.BaseModel
    • (This plugin version 0.3.1 or later)


  • Support same features as pydantic.BaseModel
    • (After PyCharm 2020.2 and this plugin version 0.1.0, PyCharm treats pydantic.dataclasses.dataclass as third-party dataclass.)
    • Exclude a feature which is inserting unfilled arguments with a QuickFix

pydantic.create_model [experimental]

  • Support minimum features for a model which is created by create_model


  • Support same features as pydantic.BaseModel
    • (This plugin version 0.3.12 or later)


We are waiting for your contributions to pydantic-pycharm-plugin.


JetBrains Plugin Page

Pydantic Plugin Page


Auto-completion when instantiating BaseModel objects #650

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