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A proxy to translate between DICOMWEB and traditional DICOM DIMSE services


  • A nodejs tool to easily connect a DICOMWEB capable DICOM viewer to one or more legacy PACS that only know DIMSE services.
    Comes preinstalled with the popular OHIF DICOM Web Viewer (version 4.12.50).

What is it for?

  • if you want to view image data from one or more legacy PACS that does not understand DICOMWEB nor come with a web-viewer

How does it work?

  • the app should be installed within the hospital intranet and configured to connect via DIMSE networking to on or more PACS (peers)
  • it hosts a default DICOMweb viewer (OHIF) which can be replaced
  • the webserver exposes the default QIDO and WADOURI/WADORS API needed for the viewer and converts on the fly between the two protocols
  • optionally: you can connect to a DICOMWEB-WEBSOCKET-BRIDGE and expose the data to the public (handle with care!)


  • nodejs 12 or newer

Setup Instructions - npm

  • install in empty directory:
    npm init -y
    npm install dicomweb-proxy

  • update config file located in:

  • or better: create config override, see: config

  • start proxy:
    npx dicomweb-proxy

Setup Instructions - source

  • clone repository and install dependencies:
    npm install

  • update config file located in:

  • start proxy:
    npm start

What to modify

  • (optional) change our port or AET
config.source = {
  aet: "SOURCE_AET",
  ip: "SOURCE_IP",
  port: "SOURCE_PORT"
  • change peer(s) to your PACS
config.peers = [{
  aet: "TARGET_AET",
  ip: "TARGET_IP",
  port: "TARGET_PORT"
}, { more peers here...}];
  • in case your PACS does not support C-GET, switch to C-Move:
    config.useCget = false;

  • update webserver port:
    config.webserverPort = 5000;

  • open webbrowser and start viewing:
    e.g. http://localhost:5000



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