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Niltalk is a web based disposable chat server. It allows users to create password protected disposable, ephemeral chatrooms and invite peers to chat rooms. Rooms can be disposed of at any time.



Niltalk supports in-memory / file / Redis as the backend for persisting room and session states.


  • Download the latest release for your platform and extract the binary.
  • Run ./niltalk --new-config to generate a sample config.toml and add your configuration.
  • Run ./niltalk and visit http://localhost:9000.


The official Docker image niltalk:latest is available here. To try out the app, copy docker-compose.yml and run docker-compose run niltalk.


The static HTML/JS/CSS assets can be customized. Copy the static directory from the repository, change the files, and do: ./niltalk --static-dir=/path/to/custom/static

This is a complete rewrite of the old version that had been dead and obsolete for several years (can be found in the old branch). These codebases are not compatible with each other and master has been overwritten.

Licensed under AGPL3

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