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A curated list of awesome applications, tools and shiny things for elementary OS.


✅ means that it can be found in AppCenter. You can click on the icon to open it in AppCenter

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  • Bookworm - A simple ebook reader
  • Cipher - Encode and decode text
  • Clipped - Manage your clipboard with ease
  • Coin - Track the virtual currencies in real world currency value with this handy applet
  • Eddy - Simple debian package installer
  • Eidete - A simple screencasting app
  • Exchange - Convert currencies with no hassle
  • Hash It - A simple app for checking usual checksums
  • Image Burner - A simple imageburner inspired by Etcher's UI
  • La Nova Reta Vortaro - Modern esperanto dictionnary
  • Lights-Up - Control Philips Hue lights from your elementary OS desktop
  • Lottery - Who will be the winner?
  • MarkMyWords - A minimal markdown editor
  • Meteo - Know the forecast of the next hours and days with data and maps
  • Neumann - Show 4 digit random numbers on button click.
  • Nimbus - A minimal weather applet
  • Nutrition - USDA Food Composition Database searcher
  • Socratest - Your new personal digital teacher!
  • Screencast - A simple screencast recorder
  • Shopper - Track the price of your favourite products with this app
  • Timer - The ultimate tea timer
  • Translator - Translator app
  • Translit - Translit is a method of encoding Cyrillic letters with Latin ones
  • TrimDown - A simple, feature rich, writing app for writing Novels, Short stories, Scripts and Articls
  • Weather - A forecast application using OpenWeatherMap API
  • Writer - Word processor





  • Akira - Native Linux App for UI and UX Design built in Vala and Gtk
  • Color Picker - The most intiutive Color Picker to speed up your workflow
  • Dippi - Calculate display info like DPI and aspect ratio
  • Harvey - A color contrast checker
  • Lookbook - Browse and find system icons
  • Palette - Color palette app
  • Principles - Remember Dieter Rams' ten principles of good design
  • Swatches - Colour variation tool



  • Brutus - This is a City-Building (Caesar3-like) game
  • Elememory - A simple memory game
  • GameHub - Games manager/downloader/library written in Vala
  • Gnonograms - Create and solve gnonogram puzzles
  • Mupen GUI - Mupen64plus frontend designed based on Elementary OS guidelines.
  • Post Apoc RPG Tools - Post Apocalyptic RPG Tools App
  • Sudoku - The number that is alone


  • Ciano - A multimedia file converter
  • Foto - Foto is a very simple image viewer and album manager written in Vala using Gtk3, Clutter, Cairo and Granite
  • Iconoscope - Simple icon visualizer
  • Image Optimizer - A simple image optimizer
  • Memories - An image viewer for managing local image files
  • Resizer - Quickly resize images from the context menu


  • Firefox elementary Theme - A theme for Firefox with elementary OS appearence
  • Odysseus - A simple and performant browser yet powerful elementary OS-style window onto the open decentralized web
  • Pushy - Pushbullet client
  • Taxi - A simple to use FTP client,
  • Torrential - Download torrents in style
  • Webby - Web app browser
  • Webpin - A simple app to pin websites on the desktop


  • Cinema - A video player for watching local video files
  • Cozy - A modern audio book player
  • ellyrics - Song lyrics search application
  • eRadio - A minimalist and powerful radio player
  • Gradio - A app for finding and listening to internet radio stations
  • Karim - Graphical interface for command-line tool youtube-dl
  • Metronome - A simple click
  • Melody - A music player for listening local music files, online radios and Audio CD's
  • Reco - Audio recording app
  • Tranqil - Relax to soothing sounds of nature
  • Vocal - Podcast Client for the Modern Desktop


  • Agenda - A simple, fast, no-nonsense to-do (task) list.
  • Agenda Tasks - A simple, slick, speedy, no-nonsense task manager
  • Coffee - Keep up-to-date with current news and weather with Coffee
  • Date Countdown - A date countdown applet
  • Envelope - Personal finance manager
  • FeedReader - Modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts
  • Footnote - A beautiful, fast, and simple note taking app in the style of elementary
  • Go For It - A stylish to-do list with built-in productivity timer
  • Hackup - Read Hacker News from the desktop
  • Hourglass - A simple clock application that is designed to fit perfectly into elementary's design scheme
  • Luna - An amazing calendar widget
  • Minder - Mind-mapping application
  • Notes Up - Markdown notes editor & manager
  • OfficeWorks-Author - The modern text editor
  • Palaura - Find any word's definition with this handy dictionary
  • Planner - The most intuitive project and task management tool
  • Quilter - Focus on your writing
  • Spice-up - Create simple and beautiful presentations on the Linux desktop
  • Spreadsheet - A spreadsheet app
  • Stickies - Neat sticky notes app
  • Timetable - Plot out your own timetable for the week and organize it
  • Tomato - A simple pomodoro app
  • Yishu - A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client
  • Workspaces - Workspaces lets you configure and quickly launch all you need to work on a project


  • Elements - A periodic table
  • NaSC - Its an app where you do maths like a normal person




  • Birdie - Birdie is a beautiful & fast Twitter client

System Tools



  • elementaryPlus - elementaryPlus is a community maintained addition to elementary OS's default icon theme
  • elementary X - Original elementary theme with some tweaks and OS X window controls
  • Uratau Icons - The most complete icon package for third-party applications with elementary OS design

Wingpanel Indicators

  • GamePing - Ping indicator for elementary
  • Hottoe - Hottoe is an application which can control sound devices.
  • Namarupa - Unofficial Ayatana compatibility layer for wingpanel
  • Periods - Life indicator for elementary
  • Synapse - Finds apps, files and directories via an intuitive fluent indicator
  • Sys-Monitor - System monitor indicator for Wingpanel
  • Weather - Weather app indicator for elementary OS

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