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Elm Plugin for IntelliJ IDEs (WebStorm, IDEA, PyCharm, etc.)


You can install the plugin from within the JetBrains IDE by going to Settings -> Plugins and then searching for "Elm". After installing the plugin, restart the IDE and then open your existing Elm project or create a new project.

Highlighted Features

Additional Features

Want to see it in action? This 10 minute video demonstrates many of the features and how they work together.

Note: if you have node installed using nvm, please see the related information here.


  • Is this free?
    • Yes, the plugin itself is free and it works with the free version of IntelliJ.
  • What versions of IntelliJ does this work with?
    • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
    • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (free!)
    • PyCharm Professional
    • PyCharm Community (free!)
    • WebStorm (amazing JS and CSS support)
    • and others (untested)

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