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Replaces original Tuya firmware on Beca thermostat with ESP8266 wifi module. The firmware is tested with following devices:

  • BHT-002, BHT-6000, BHT-3000 (floor heating)
  • AVATTO ME102H (Thermostat with LCD touch screen)
  • BAC-002 (heating, cooling, ventilation)
  • ET-81W
  • Floureon HY08WE
  • AVATTO ME81AH (floor heating, thanks to @lozb36 for implementation)
  • Minco Heat MK70GB-H (floor heating, thanks to @indimouse for implementation)
  • VH Control Calypso-W

BAC-002 ME102H

Function support since 1.20 (beta status)

For productive use only stable version 1.19. Version 1.20x_beta is rewritten to make the support of different models more easily in future. For model BHT-002 and ME102H the new version is tested and should work reliable already.

Function BHT-002 BHT-6000 BHT-3000 ME102H BAC-002 ET-81W HY08WE ME81AH MK70GBH Calypso-W*
actual temperature yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
target temperature yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
floor temperature yes yes no yes yes yes no yes
schedules mode auto off auto off auto off holiday auto hold off auto holiday hold auto off off auto hold holiday auto hold
locked yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
schedules 18 8 18 no no 8 8 no
system mode no no cool, heat, fan no no heat, cool, fan no no
fan mode no no auto, high, med, low no no no no no

'* needs testing


  • No Tuya cloud connection anymore
  • Enables thermostat to communicate via MQTT and/or Mozilla Webthings
  • Configuration of connection and device parameters via web interface
  • NTP and time zone synchronisation to set the clock of thermostat
  • Reading and setting of all parameters via MQTT
  • Reading and setting of main parameters via Webthing
  • Only BHT-002-GBLW: actualFloorTemperature (external temperature sensor)
  • Only BAC-002-ALW: fanSpeed:auto|low|medium|high; systemMode:cooling|heating|ventilation
  • Reading and setting of time schedules via MQTT


To install the firmware, follow instructions here:

Initial configuration

To setup the device model, network options and other parameters, follow instrcution here:
After initial setup, the device configuration is still available via http://<device_ip>/config

Integration in Webthings

This firmware supports Mozilla Webthings directly. With Webthings you can control the device via the Gateway - inside and also outside of your home network. No clunky VPN, dynDNS solutions needed to access your home devices. I recommend to run the gateway in parallel to an MQTT server and for example Node-Red. Via MQTT you can control the device completely and logic can be done by Node-Red. Webthings is used for outside control of main parameters.
Add the device to the gateway via '+' icon. After that you have the new nice and shiny icon in the dashboard:
The icon shows the actual temperature and heating state.
There is also a detailed view available:

Json structure

Firmware provides 3 different json messages:

  1. State report
  2. Schedules
  3. Device information (at start of device to let you know the topics and ip)

1. State report

MQTT: State report is provided every 5 minutes, at change of a parameter or at request via message with empty payload to <your_mqtt_topic>/thermostat/<your_state_topic>
Webthing: State report can be requested by: http://<device_ip>/things/thermostat/properties

  "state":"off|heating", //only_available,_if_hardware_modified
  "floorTemperature":20, //only_BHT-002-GBLW
  "fanMode":"auto|low|medium|high", //only_BAC-002-ALW
  "systemMode":"cool|heat|fan_only" //only_BAC-002-ALW

2. Schedules

MQTT: Request actual schedules via message with empty payload to <your_mqtt_topic>/thermostat/<your_state_topic>/schedules Webthing: State report can be requested by: http://<device_ip>/things/thermostat/schedules


Schedules can be modified via MQTT. Send a payload structure with all schedules or only the parts you want to modify to <your_mqtt_topic>/thermostat/<your_set_topic>/schedules.

3. Device information

MQTT: At start of device to let you know the topics and ip to devices/thermostat
Webthing: n.a.


Modifying parameters via MQTT

Send a complete json structure with changed parameters to <your_mqtt_topic>/thermostat/<your_set_topic>, e.g. beca/thermostat/set. Alternatively you can set single values, modify the topic to <your_mqtt_topic>/thermostat/<your_set_topic>/<parameter>, e.g. beca/thermostat/set/deviceOn. The payload contains the new value. Send a json with changed schedules to <your_mqtt_topic>/things/thermostat/schedules.

Build this firmware from source

For build from sources you can use the Atom IDE (recommended), Arduino IDE or other. All sources needed are inside the folder 'WThermostat' and my other library: Additionally you will need some other libraries, which you can find listed here:

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