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fig is a tiny library for loading an application's config file and its environment into a Go struct. Individual fields can have default values defined or be marked as required.

Why fig?

  • Define your configuration, validations and defaults in a single location
  • Optionally load from the environment as well
  • Only 3 external dependencies
  • Full support fortime.Time, time.Duration & regexp.Regexp
  • Tiny API
  • Decoders for .yaml, .json and .toml files

Getting Started

$ go get -d

Define your config file:

# config.yaml

build: "2020-01-09T12:30:00Z"

      - 8080
    cleanup: 1h

    level: "warn"
    trace: true

Define your struct along with validations or defaults:

package main

import (


type Config struct {
  Build  time.Time `fig:"build" validate:"required"`
  Server struct {
    Host    string        `fig:"host" default:""`
    Ports   []int         `fig:"ports" default:"[80,443]"`
    Cleanup time.Duration `fig:"cleanup" default:"30m"`
  Logger struct {
    Level   string         `fig:"level" default:"info"`
    Pattern *regexp.Regexp `fig:"pattern" default:".*"`
    Trace   bool           `fig:"trace"`

func main() {
  var cfg Config
  err := fig.Load(&cfg)
  // handle your err
  fmt.Printf("%+v\n", cfg)
  // Output: {Build:2019-12-25 00:00:00 +0000 UTC Server:{Host: Ports:[8080] Cleanup:1h0m0s} Logger:{Level:warn Pattern:.* Trace:true}}

If a field is not set and is marked as required then an error is returned. If a default value is defined instead then that value is used to populate the field.

Fig searches for a file named config.yaml in the directory it is run from. Change the lookup behaviour by passing additional parameters to Load():

  fig.Dirs(".", "/etc/myapp", "/home/user/myapp"),
) // searches for ./settings.json, /etc/myapp/settings.json, /home/user/myapp/settings.json


Need to additionally fill fields from the environment? It's as simple as:

fig.Load(&cfg, fig.UseEnv("MYAPP"))


See usage examples.


See for detailed documentation.


PRs are welcome! Please explain your motivation for the change in your PR and ensure your change is properly tested and documented.

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