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KivyMD 0.104.2

KivyMD is a collection of Material Design compliant widgets for use with Kivy, a framework for cross-platform, touch-enabled graphical applications.

The project's goal is to approximate Google's Material Design spec as close as possible without sacrificing ease of use or application performance.

This library is a fork of the KivyMD project the author of which stopped supporting this project four years ago. We found the strength and brought this project to a new level.

Currently we're in beta status, so things are changing all the time and we cannot promise any kind of API stability. However it is safe to vendor now and make use of what's currently available.

Join the project! Just fork the project, branch out and submit a pull request when your patch is ready. If any changes are necessary, we'll guide you through the steps that need to be done via PR comments or access to your for may be requested to outright submit them.

If you wish to become a project developer (permission to create branches on the project without forking for easier collaboration), have at least one PR approved and ask for it. If you contribute regularly to the project the role may be offered to you without asking too.

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pip install kivymd==0.104.2


How to install

Command above will install latest release version of KivyMD from PyPI.

If you want to install development version from master branch, you should specify link to zip archive:

pip install

Tip: Replace with <commit hash>.zip (eg to download KivyMD from specific commit.

Also you can install manually from sources. Just clone the project and run pip:

git clone --depth 1
cd KivyMD
pip install .

Speed Tip: If you don't need full commit history (about 1.14 GiB), you can use a shallow clone (git clone --depth 1) to save time. If you need full commit history, then remove --depth 1.

How to use with Buildozer

requirements = kivy==2.0.0, kivymd==0.104.2, sdl2_ttf == 2.0.15, pillow

This will download latest release version of KivyMD from PyPI.

If you want to use development version from master branch, you should specify link to zip archive:

requirements = kivy==2.0.0,


Until the release of the KivyMD library version 1.0.0 has been released, use

requirements =

Do not forget to run buildozer android clean or remove .buildozer directory before building if version was updated (Buildozer doesn't update already downloaded packages).

On Linux

On Windows 10

On Windows without WSL

  • Install VirtualBox and follow steps from here.

Build automatically via GitHub Actions



Kitchen sink app demonstrates every KivyMD widget. You can see how to use widget in code of app. You can download apk for your smartphone (Android 6.0 and higher): kivymd/storage (binaries branch).

Also we have Material Studies:

You can download apks for your smartphone: kivymd/storage (binaries branch).

Tutorials on YouTube

Tutorials by Erik Sandberg show you how to create application with KivyMD and use its widgets.


Some of the code examples in the video tutorials may be out of date, so if you have a problem, check the code from the official documentation.

Comparison of Flutter & KivyMD

Sky View Concept Healthy Food Delivery
Asics Shoes Concept Facebook Desktop Redesign

Use MVC and Hot Reload


If you need assistance or you have a question, you can ask for help on our mailing list:


Syntax highlighting and auto-completion for Kivy/KivyMD .kv files in PyCharm/Intellij IDEA

Promo Video


We always welcome your Bug reports, Feature requests and Pull requests! Check out and feel free to improve KivyMD.

Setup environment

We recommend you to use PyCharm to work with KivyMD code. Install Kivy and development dependencies to your virtual environment:

pip install -e .[dev,docs]
pre-commit install

Format all files and run tests:

pre-commit run --all-files
pytest kivymd/tests --timeout=600 --cov=kivymd --cov-report=term

pre-commit will format modified files with Black and sort imports with isort.

Sister projects

KivyMD Extensions

Additional extensions for the KivyMD library.


Build apps visually.



KivyMD Team

They spent a lot of time to improve KivyMD.

  • Yuri Ivanov @HeaTTheatR - Core developer
  • Artem Bulgakov @ArtemSBulgakov - Technical administrator, contributor
  • Andrés Rodríguez @mixedCase - First author of KivyMD project, contributor

Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. How to contribute

Financial Contributors

Become a financial contributor on OpenCollective and help us sustain our community.

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