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Real-time HTTP Intrusion Detection
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teler is an real-time intrusion detection and threat alert based on web log that runs in a terminal with resources that we collect and provide by the community. ❤️


Table of Contents


  • Real-time: Analyze logs and identify suspicious activity in real-time.

  • Alerting: teler provides alerting when a threat is detected, push notifications include Slack, Telegram and Discord.

  • Monitoring: We've our own metrics if you want to monitor threats easily, and we use Prometheus for that.

  • Latest resources: Collections is continuously up-to-date.

  • Minimal configuration: You can just run it against your log file, write the log format and let teler analyze the log and show you alerts!

  • Flexible log formats: teler allows any custom log format string! It all depends on how you write the log format in configuration file.

  • Incremental log processing: Need data persistence rather than buffer stream? teler has the ability to process logs incrementally through the on-disk persistence options.

Why teler?

teler was designed to be a fast, terminal-based threat analyzer. Its core idea is to quickly analyze and hunt threats in real time!


Here is a preview of teler with conditions of use as:

Buffer-streams Incremental


All related documentation about installation, usage & configuration is on our Wiki page.

Supporting Materials



This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. To learn how to setup a development environment and for contribution guidelines, see

Dwi Siswanto

💻 📖 ⚠️ 🤔



Anton Egorov








Zufar Dhiyaulhaq


Aldin Setiawan


Noah Petherbridge


Zackky Muhammad




Aliaksandr Valialkin


Markus Tenghamn



🚧 💻

Michael BOUVY



📖 🐛


All external resources used in this teler are NOT provided by us. See all peoples who involved in this resources at teler Resource Collections.


/télér/ bagaimana bisa seorang pemuda itu teler hanya dengan meminum 1 sloki ciu (?)


For changes, see the


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache license. Kitabisa teler and any contributions are Copyright © by Dwi Siswanto 2020.

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