Keycloak Quickstarts

Keycloak Quickstarts
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Keycloak Quickstarts1,609
5 days ago19apache-2.0Java
Keycloak Nodejs Connect6061347117 days ago86June 24, 202261apache-2.0JavaScript
Gps Tracking Nodejs2181452 years ago20October 27, 201711mitJavaScript
Let you work with some GPS trackers that connects through tcp.
Gps Tracking Emulator31
8 years ago2JavaScript
GPS Tracker Emulator
5 years ago9mitRuby
Yet another changes tracker/auditor for Rails' ActiveRecord.
Dm Pivotal Tracker9
15 years agoRuby
A DataMapper adapter for Pivotal Tracker (
Error Tracker Adapter7118 years ago2February 23, 2015mitPHP
Track errors and exceptions through the most popular SaaS platforms
Collective.watcherlist51214 years ago10April 26, 20182Python
6 years ago5mitPython
Python Evolutionary Algorithm Visualisation toolkit on DEAP
Nw Electron Adapter3
3 years ago1mitJavaScript
An adapter for Electron's API inside NW.js
Alternatives To Keycloak Quickstarts
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Keycloak Quickstarts

Keycloak is an Open Source Identity and Access Management solution for modern Applications and Services.

The quickstarts herein provided demonstrate securing applications with Keycloak using different programming languages (and frameworks) and how to extend the server capabilities through a set of Java-based Service Provider Interfaces(SPI). They provide small, specific, working examples that can be used as a reference for your own project.

They are organized in this repository under different categories (or directories) as follows:

Category Description
extension Examples about how to extend the server capabilities using some of the Keycloak SPIs.
jakarta Examples about how secure Jakarta Applications
js Examples about how to secure JavaScript Applications
nodejs Examples about how to secure NodeJS Applications
spring Examples about how to secure Spring Applications

For any missing programming language and framework, you might want to consider looking at:

We are happy to accept contributions for any reference that demonstrates how to integrate Keycloak with additional programming languages or frameworks.

Building, Testing, and Running the Quickstarts

First clone the Keycloak repository:

git clone
cd keycloak-quickstarts

Each quickstart provides its own documentation with the steps you need to follow in order to build, test, and run the example. Look at the file at the root of a quickstart for more details.

Help and Documentation

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

If you've found a security vulnerability, please look at the instructions on how to properly report it

Reporting an issue

If you believe you have discovered a defect in Keycloak, please open an issue. Please remember to provide a good summary, description as well as steps to reproduce the issue.


Before contributing to this repository, please read our contributing guidelines.

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