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A small cli utility for automating the letsencrypt dns-01 challenge for domains hosted by inwx. This allows you to obtain wildcard certificates from letsencrypt.


Ubuntu / Debian

  • Build the .deb package or download it from releases and install it with sudo dpkg -i <path_to_the_deb_file>

Other linux

  • Build the executable or download it from releases and copy it to /usr/bin/
  • Copy both certbot scripts from ./etc/ to /usr/lib/letsencrypt-inwx/

With cargo

  • Run cargo install letsencrypt-inwx


You can store the configuration file at /etc/letsencrypt-inwx.json or at ~/.config/letsencrypt-inwx.json when used with certbot or specify it's path with the -c option. The configuration file should look like this (without the comments):

    "accounts": [
            "username": "user",
            "password": "pass",
            // optional, if the domain is not configured all accounts will be tried
            "domains": [
            // optional, if true the public inwx test server will be used
            "ote": false
    // optional
    "options": {
        // optional, if true letsencrypt-inwx will not wait until the created record is publicly visible, default: false
        "no_dns_check": false,
        // optional, the amount of time in seconds to wait after creating a record, default: 5 seconds
        "wait_interval": 5,
        // optional: the dns server to use, default: the google public dns server
        "dns_server": ""


With Docker and certbot

  • Generate your certificate by running docker run --rm -it -v /etc/letsencrypt-inwx.json:/etc/letsencrypt-inwx.json -v /etc/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt kegato/letsencrypt-inwx certonly --email <your_email> --preferred-challenges=dns-01 --manual --manual-auth-hook /usr/lib/letsencrypt-inwx/certbot-inwx-auth --manual-cleanup-hook /usr/lib/letsencrypt-inwx/certbot-inwx-cleanup --manual-public-ip-logging-ok -d <your_domain>
  • You can find your certificate in /etc/letsencrypt/live/<your_domain>/
  • You can renew your certificate by running docker run --rm -it -v /etc/letsencrypt-inwx.json:/etc/letsencrypt-inwx.json -v /etc/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt kegato/letsencrypt-inwx renew

With certbot

  • You can get certificates from certbot by running sudo certbot certonly -n --agree-tos --email <your_email> --preferred-challenges=dns-01 --manual --manual-auth-hook /usr/lib/letsencrypt-inwx/certbot-inwx-auth --manual-cleanup-hook /usr/lib/letsencrypt-inwx/certbot-inwx-cleanup --manual-public-ip-logging-ok -d <your_domain>


  • Create a txt record with letsencrypt-inwx create -c <config_file> -d _acme-challenge.<your_domain> -v <acme_token>
  • Delete it with letsencrypt-inwx delete -c <config_file> -d _acme-challenge.<your_domain>



libssl-dev and pkg-config are required when building on Ubuntu / Debian see here.

.deb package

  • Install cargo-deb by running cargo install cargo-deb
  • Run cargo deb to build the package

only the executable

  • Run cargo build --release to build the letsencrypt-inwx executable

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