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Express Mongo JWT Boilerplate Build Status


  • Install NodeJS, MongoDB
  • Install npm or yarn
  • Rename .env.example to .env
  • Fulfill .env data
  • Start MongoDB
  • Run yarn run dev or npm run dev
  • Check http://localhost:3000/api/status to see it works

With Docker

  • Make sure you have installed Docker and Docker Compose
  • Just run docker-compose up to start the server


Name Description Example
NODE_ENV Environment for node js "dev", "prod", "test"
APP Name of the application My cool express app
PORT Port to run the application (if you run in heroku this will setup automatically) 3000
HOSTNAME Host name for running the application http://localhost:3000
APP_SECRET Secret for running app. Use a strong hash in production and make sure to rotate it ddd36434-80fe-4f18-b3b6-e645697f7b84
MONGOURI MongoDB connection URI mongodb://localhost:27017/yourapp
MONGOTESTURI MongoDB connection URI for testing mongodb://localhost:27017/test-app
TRANSPORTER_HOST Mail server host
TRANSPORTER_PORT Mail server port 2525
TRANSPORTER_USERNAME Mail server username harrypotter
TRANSPORTER_PASSWORD Mail server password alohomora

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