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Mesh voxelizer

Header only mesh voxelizer in ANSI C


Converts meshes and performs triangle-cube intersection to output a voxelized mesh.

How to use

Include the header only file as following once:

#include "voxelizer.h"

To generate a voxelized mesh, create an instance of vx_mesh_t and initialize its vertices and indices like this:

vx_mesh_t* mesh;
vx_mesh_t* result;

mesh = vx_mesh_alloc(nvertices, nindices);

// Add vertices and indices from the original mesh you want to voxelize
// [...]

// Precision factor to reduce "holes" artifact
float precision = 0.01;

// Run voxelization
result = vx_voxelize(mesh, 0.025, 0.025, 0.025, precision);



  • Colorized output mesh (from input mesh)
  • Hidden voxel removal
  • Triangle face merging
  • Option for input triangle ordering (right now only supports GL_TRIANGLES indexed triangles)
  • Option for output format

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