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Packer templates for Vagrant base boxes


Clone the repository:

$ git clone && cd packer-templates

Build a machine image from the template in the repository:

$ packer build -only=virtualbox-iso archlinux-x86_64.json

Add the built box to Vagrant:

$ vagrant box add archlinux-x86_64


You can configure each template to match your requirements by setting the following user variables.

User Variable Default Value Description
compression_level 6 Documentation
cpus 1 Number of CPUs
disk_size 40000 Documentation
headless 0 Documentation
memory 512 Memory size in MB
mirror A URL of the mirror where the ISO image is available


Build an uncompressed Arch Linux vagrant box with a 4GB hard disk using the VirtualBox provider:

$ packer build -only=virtualbox-iso -var compression_level=0 -var disk_size=4000 archlinux-x86_64.json

Pre-built Boxes

You can also use the pre-built boxes hosted on Atlas.

$ vagrant box add kaorimatz/archlinux-x86_64

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