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ntfd is a lightweight replacement with more features, take a look!

Weather forecast for Polybar

This is a simple weather forecast module for Polybar.
The first number is the current temperature and the second one is a 3 hour forecast, the output is fully configurable.

You need Weather Icons and Material Icons for this to work properly.
For Arch users, both are available in the AUR:


Look at the example TOML configuration file.

# Register at to get your API key
# If you don't want to write your key here, you can delete this line and use the OWM_API_KEY environment variable instead
api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"

# This is for Montreal, find your city at
# The id will be the last part of the URL
city_id = "6077243"

# Output format, using Handlebars syntax, meaning variables should be used like {{ this }}
# Available tokens are:
# - temp_celcius
# - temp_kelvin
# - temp_fahrenheit
# - temp_icon
# - trend
# - forecast_celcius
# - forecast_kelvin
# - forecast_fahrenheit
# - forecast_icon
display = "{{ temp_icon }} {{ temp_celcius }}°C {{ trend }} {{ forecast_icon }} {{ forecast_celcius }}°C"


Grab a pre built binary from the release page (you might need to chmod +x), or run cargo build --release, in which case you'll find the binary at target/release/polybar-forecast.
You can copy the binary anywhere you want, the config files has to placed in either:

  • $HOME/.config/polybar-forecast/config.toml
  • The same directory as the binary

Polybar integration

You can define your new module like this:

type = custom/script
exec = /path/to/polybar-forecast
exec-if = ping -c 1
interval = 600
label-font = 3

Don't forget to add Weather Icons to your config or it won't render correctly:

font-2 = Weather Icons:size=12;0

Then you may add your new weather module on your bar.

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