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  • Mustache implementation for modern C++ (requires C++11)
  • Header only
  • Zero dependencies
  • Templated string type for compatibility with any STL-like string (std::string, std::wstring, etc)
  • Boost license

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Example usage

All examples assume using namespace kainjow::mustache. Additional examples and usage can be found in the tests.cpp file.

Example 1 - Hello World

mustache tmpl{"Hello {{what}}!"};
std::cout << tmpl.render({"what", "World"}) << std::endl;
// Hello World!

Example 2 - Lists

mustache tmpl{"{{#employees}}{{name}}, {{/employees}}"};
data employees{data::type::list};
employees << data{"name", "Steve"} << data{"name", "Bill"};
tmpl.render({"employees", employees}, std::cout);
// Steve, Bill,

Example 3 - Custom Render Handler

mustache tmpl("Hello {{what}}!");
std::stringstream ss;
tmpl.render({"what", "World"}, [&ss](const std::string& str) {
    ss << str;
// ss.str() == "Hello World!"

Supported Features

This library supports all current Mustache features:

  • Variables
  • HTML escaping
  • Sections
  • Inverted Sections
  • True/False
  • Lists
  • Lambdas
  • Partials
  • Comments
  • Set Delimiter

Additional features:

  • Custom escape function for use outside of HTML

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