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a day ago20mitTypeScript
🤖 EvoBot is a Discord Music Bot built with TypeScript + Discord.js, includes Docker builds & localization in 20+ languages
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C++ Discord API Bot Library - D++ is Lightweight and scalable for small and huge bots!
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Feature-rich Discord bot framework
21 hours ago16January 11, 202310mitJavaScript
A lightweight cloud storage system using discord as storage device written in nodejs
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An *arr request bot for Discord
Secret Santa204
a month ago20mitPHP
:santa: The code behind Secret Santa, the holiday bot for Slack / Discord
Discord Downloader Go160
a month ago41November 26, 20222mitGo
A Discord bot program to save files sent in Discord channels with extensive configuration. Can be used as a real bot or user-bot/self-bot
a year ago28October 03, 20215apache-2.0Go
Slack/Discord bot for running interactive REPLs and shells from a chat.
6 months ago3mitTypeScript
Fast and elegant file hosting service.
a year ago13mitTypeScript
🔨 仁野 — Cute, advanced discord moderation bot made in Kord. Make your server cute and automated with utilities for you and your server moderators! ☆ ~('▽^人)
Alternatives To Discord Musicbot
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Typescript Discord Music Bot

wakatime Gitmoji semantic-release Typescript GitHub Release CI

First Start

Rename .env.example to .env
Insert Token and a Prefix of your choice Change Presence to your desire. This will be the "Activity" your bot is doing



Replace your_client_id with your client id from your Discord Application


Spotify Tracks and Playlists are supported

But it really just tries to find the Spotify Song on Youtube

A Track has to be in this format: https://open.spotify.com/track/<anything>

A Playlist has to be in this format: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/<anything>

Environment Variables


  • TOKEN: Discord Bot Token
  • PREFIX: Bot Prefix
  • PRESENCE: Discord Presence/Activity Text
  • SECRET: Discord Client Secret
  • WEB: Hosting Website including Protocol


  • LOCALE: Language (ISO-639-1). Available Languages are de, en. Defaults to en
  • LOG: Log Filename. Defaults to logs.log
  • PERMS: Discord Permission Integer. Defaults to 2205281600
  • SCOPES: Discord OAuth2 Scopes separated with a space. Defaults to identify guilds applications.commands
  • CALLBACK: Discord OAuth2 Callback URL. Defaults to /api/callback
  • LIVERELOAD: Enable Livereload. Set to true to enable it. (needs browser extension),
  • PRESENCETYPE: Discord Presence/Activity Type. Can be STREAMING, WATCHING, PLAYING, LISTENING. Defaults to 'LISTENING'
  • DISABLE_WEB: Check here
  • DIDYOUMEAN: Check here
  • GUILDPREFIX: Check here
  • GUILDACTIONS: Check here
  • UPDATEDIFF: How often Data should be updated in minutes. Defaults to 5


A List of all available commands is available here

Run Project


Docker Images are available on the Docker Hub

When starting the container provide the Environment Variables

Setup a Docker Volume at /usr/src/app/db


Create New App with Persistent Data

Container HTTP Port: 8080

In App Configs set Environment Variables and a Persistent Directory with the Path in App being /usr/src/app/db and the Label anything you want

Deployment: Deploy via ImageName: kaaaxcreators/discord-musicbot



App name: Any name you want

Region: Region closest to you

Config Vars: Enter your Variables

Click: Deploy app

24/7: Keep Heroku app awake with Kaffeine


Run on Repl.it

On the Sidebar click on the Lock ("Secrets (Environment Variables)")

Enter Environment Variables

Click on "Run "

Wait until "[API] Logged in as <your_bot_name>"

24/7: Keep Repl awake with UptimeRobot, HetrixTools, Cronnomy or cron-job.org


Remix on Glitch

Delete .env

Rename .env.example to .env

Enter Environment Variables

24/7: Glitch doesn't support 24/7 in Free Plans


Install NodeJS v14.0.0 or higher

Run npm i to install required packages

Run npm run deploy to compile and start the Bot

System Requirements

You'll need 1 Core and 200MB of RAM to run this Bot on multiple servers

Connected to 2 VC playing music draws 100MB of RAM and 25% CPU (3,3 GHz) With Dashboard enabled it uses 150MB of RAM and 30% CPU (3,3 GHz)


You can add and contribute to Languages here



[2021-05-28 16:05:28] info "dist\index.js:95:26" "Laden des Musikbefehls: earrape",
Meaning Value in Example Description
When [2021-05-28 16:05:28] Time in Format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Type info Log Level / Reason
Where "dist\index.js:95:26" Where the Log is comming from
What "Laden des Musikbefehls: earrape" What was logged

Disabling Dashboard

Disable the Express Server and with it the Dashboard

Add Environment Variable DISABLE_WEB with content true

You still have to set all Required Environment Variables but they can be empty


See MIGRATE for more infos


responds to u if you mistype a command with the nearest possible solution.

Enable it by setting a Env Var DIDYOUMEAN with content/value true

Uses didyoumean2

Guild Prefix

Be able to change Prefixes on per Guild basis

Enable it by setting a Env Var GUILDPREFIX with content/value true

Guild Actions

Allow Users to change Settings in the Dashboard (Prefix, Queue, ...)

Enable it by setting a Env Var GUILDACTIONS with content/value true

Security Warning: This feature is not fully secure! If somebody gets demoted/removed/etc they can still use dashboard actions for up to 5 minutes


This Bot / Repo is not a fork but heavily inspired from SudhanPlayz/Discord-MusicBot. I didn't like the move to Lavalink which adds an unnecessary dependency, because you need a server which hosts Lavalink and not everyone wants to. Through my approach that the client handles all music, it sometimes hangs or lags shortly but not really noticeable


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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