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HookPHP基于C扩展搭建内置AI编程的架构系统-支持微服务部署|热插拔业务组件-集成业务模型|权限模型|UI组件库|多模板|多平台|多域名|多终端|多语言-含常驻内存|前后分离|API平台|LUA QQ群:679116380
Swoole Bundle233
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Symfony Swoole Bundle
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A list of the years-of-introductions of notable (to me) PHP framework and library projects.
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🐟 斗鱼弹幕php实现
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Symfony Swoole Bridge Bundle
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a light fast web framework for php7
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my php learn plan.
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Resettable entity manager for long running apps (swoole, message consumers)
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Swoole Bundle

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Symfony integration with Swoole to speed up your applications.

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Table of Contents

Quick start guide

  1. Make sure you have installed proper Swoole PHP Extension and pass other requirements.

  2. (optional) Create a new symfony project

    composer create-project symfony/skeleton project
    cd ./project
  3. Install bundle in your Symfony application

    composer require k911/swoole-bundle
  4. Edit config/bundles.php

    return [
        // ...other bundles
        K911\Swoole\Bridge\Symfony\Bundle\SwooleBundle::class => ['all' => true],
  5. Run Swoole HTTP Server

    bin/console swoole:server:run
  6. Enter http://localhost:9501

  7. You can now configure bundle according to your needs


  • Built-in API Server

    Swoole Bundle API Server allows managing Swoole HTTP Server in real-time.

    • Reload worker processes
    • Shutdown server
    • Access metrics and settings
  • Improved static files serving

    Swoole HTTP Server provides a default static files handler, but it lacks supporting many Content-Types. To overcome this issue, there is a configurable Advanced Static Files Server. Static files serving remains enabled by default in the development environment. Static files directory defaults to %kernel.project_dir%/public. To configure your custom mime types check configuration reference (key swoole.http_server.static.mime_types).

  • Symfony Messenger integration

    Available since version: 0.6

    Swoole Server Task Transport has been integrated into this bundle to allow easy execution of asynchronous actions. Documentation of this feature is available here.

  • Hot Module Reload (HMR) for development ALPHA

    Since Swoole HTTP Server runs in Event Loop and does not flush memory between requests, to keep DX equal with normal servers, this bundle uses code replacement technique, using inotify PHP Extension to allow continuous development. It is enabled by default (when the extension is found) and requires no additional configuration. You can turn it off in bundle configuration.

    Remarks: This feature currently works only on a Linux host machine. It probably won't work with Docker, and it is possible that it works only with configuration: swoole.http_server.running_mode: process (default).


Current (0.8.x)

  • PHP version >= 7.4
  • Swoole PHP Extension >= 4.5.10
  • Symfony >= 4.3.1


  • PHP version >= 8.0
  • Swoole PHP Extension >= 4.6
  • Symfony >= 5.0

Additional requirements to enable specific features:

  • Inotify PHP Extension ^2.0.0 to use Hot Module Reload (HMR)
    • When using PHP 8, inotify version ^3.0.0 is required


Bundle requires Swoole PHP Extension version 4.5.10 or higher. Active bug fixes are provided only for the latest version.

Version check

To check your installed version you can run the following command:

php -r "echo swoole_version() . \PHP_EOL;"

# 4.4.7


Official GitHub repository swoole/swoole-src contains comprehensive installation guide. The recommended approach is to install it from source.

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