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Http Errors1,337620,5361,8256 months ago29December 18, 20217mitJavaScript
Create HTTP Errors
4 months ago44mitPython
The last Micro Web Server for IoTs (MicroPython) or large servers (CPython), that supports WebSockets, routes, template engine and with really optimized architecture (mem allocations, async I/Os). Ready for ESP32, STM32 on Pyboard, Pycom's chipsets (WiPy, LoPy, ...). Robust, efficient and documented!
6 years ago8otherCSS
HTTP monitoring for developers. Richer analytics, greater flexibility.
Homebridge Http164262 years ago7February 16, 201627apache-2.0JavaScript
HTTP Plugin for Homebridge
6 years ago9bsd-3-clauseC#
CurlSharp - .Net binding and object-oriented wrapper for libcurl.
Open Food Standard87
11 years ago5JavaScript
Collaborating on an open food data standard and API for the world.
a year agogpl-3.0Pascal
libPasCURL is delphi and object pascal wrapper around cURL library. Library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP.
Ng Backbone44
6 years agoJanuary 30, 20153mitJavaScript
Backbone data model and collection for AngularJS
Schemajs442268 years ago15November 22, 2015mitJavaScript
quick validation/filtering of objects and http params against a schema
Space Kotlin Sdk43
23 days ago2apache-2.0Kotlin
Kotlin client for JetBrains Space HTTP API
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Create HTTP errors for Express, Koa, Connect, etc. with ease.


This is a Node.js module available through the npm registry. Installation is done using the npm install command:

$ npm install http-errors


var createError = require('http-errors')
var express = require('express')
var app = express()

app.use(function (req, res, next) {
  if (!req.user) return next(createError(401, 'Please login to view this page.'))


This is the current API, currently extracted from Koa and subject to change.

Error Properties

  • expose - can be used to signal if message should be sent to the client, defaulting to false when status >= 500
  • headers - can be an object of header names to values to be sent to the client, defaulting to undefined. When defined, the key names should all be lower-cased
  • message - the traditional error message, which should be kept short and all single line
  • status - the status code of the error, mirroring statusCode for general compatibility
  • statusCode - the status code of the error, defaulting to 500

createError([status], [message], [properties])

Create a new error object with the given message msg. The error object inherits from createError.HttpError.

var err = createError(404, 'This video does not exist!')
  • status: 500 - the status code as a number
  • message - the message of the error, defaulting to node's text for that status code.
  • properties - custom properties to attach to the object

createError([status], [error], [properties])

Extend the given error object with createError.HttpError properties. This will not alter the inheritance of the given error object, and the modified error object is the return value.

fs.readFile('foo.txt', function (err, buf) {
  if (err) {
    if (err.code === 'ENOENT') {
      var httpError = createError(404, err, { expose: false })
    } else {
      var httpError = createError(500, err)
  • status - the status code as a number
  • error - the error object to extend
  • properties - custom properties to attach to the object


Determine if the provided val is an HttpError. This will return true if the error inherits from the HttpError constructor of this module or matches the "duck type" for an error this module creates. All outputs from the createError factory will return true for this function, including if an non-HttpError was passed into the factory.

new createError[code || name]([msg]))

Create a new error object with the given message msg. The error object inherits from createError.HttpError.

var err = new createError.NotFound()
  • code - the status code as a number
  • name - the name of the error as a "bumpy case", i.e. NotFound or InternalServerError.

List of all constructors

Status Code Constructor Name
400 BadRequest
401 Unauthorized
402 PaymentRequired
403 Forbidden
404 NotFound
405 MethodNotAllowed
406 NotAcceptable
407 ProxyAuthenticationRequired
408 RequestTimeout
409 Conflict
410 Gone
411 LengthRequired
412 PreconditionFailed
413 PayloadTooLarge
414 URITooLong
415 UnsupportedMediaType
416 RangeNotSatisfiable
417 ExpectationFailed
418 ImATeapot
421 MisdirectedRequest
422 UnprocessableEntity
423 Locked
424 FailedDependency
425 TooEarly
426 UpgradeRequired
428 PreconditionRequired
429 TooManyRequests
431 RequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge
451 UnavailableForLegalReasons
500 InternalServerError
501 NotImplemented
502 BadGateway
503 ServiceUnavailable
504 GatewayTimeout
505 HTTPVersionNotSupported
506 VariantAlsoNegotiates
507 InsufficientStorage
508 LoopDetected
509 BandwidthLimitExceeded
510 NotExtended
511 NetworkAuthenticationRequired



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