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Generate markdown documentation from jsdoc-annotated javascript
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Generate markdown documentation from jsdoc-annotated javascript
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Generate Markdown documentation from source code
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💻🔥CLI to generate the recommended documentation/files to improve contribution (Github, Gitlab, CodeCommit and Bitbucket)
8 days ago10C#
Your friendly static documentation generator, using markdown files to build the content.
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Upgraders, please read the release notes


Generates markdown API documentation from jsdoc annotated source code. Useful for injecting API docs into project README files.


1. Document your code using valid jsdoc comments.

 * A quite wonderful function.
 * @param {object} - Privacy gown
 * @param {object} - Security
 * @returns {survival}
function protection (cloak, dagger) {}

2. Run a command.

$ jsdoc2md example.js

3. Get markdown output.

## protection(cloak, dagger)  <code>survival</code>
A quite wonderful function.

**Kind**: global function

| Param  | Type                | Description  |
| ------ | ------------------- | ------------ |
| cloak  | <code>object</code> | Privacy gown |
| dagger | <code>object</code> | Security     |


$ npm install --save-dev jsdoc-to-markdown

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© 2014-23 Lloyd Brookes <[email protected]>.

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