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Consolidates information from multiple sites.


  1. Download Latest Release.
  • If you have already downloaded myManga previously download myManga.*.UpdateOnly.*
  • Otherwise download myManga.* (note the lack of UpdateOnly in the title).
  1. Extract all files and folders.
  2. Run 'myManga.exe' from the extracted files.
  3. Profit?

3rd Party DLLs


  • Offline Storage of manga and chapters
  • Asynchronous downloads
  • Search multiple sites at once and merge results
  • Uses manga databases in conjunction to the manga sites
  • Manga Site Plugins.
  • Database Site Plugins.
  • Continuous Reading.
  • Image Compression (Zip Archive)
  • Basic Reader Zoom - Top of Reader (click the chapter information)
  • Laptop Screen Brightness Control

Planned Features

  • Bookmarks
  • Language Support
  • ...

Supported Sites - myManga Plugins


Full Album (imgur)

Home - Grid

Home View - Grid

Home - Grid - Information Dialog

Home View - Grid - Information Dialog

Home - List

Home View - List


Search View

Chapter Reader

Chapter Reader View

Chapter Reader View - Overview


Settings View - General

Settings View - Extensions

Settings View - Extensions

Settings View - Advanced

Settings View - Status

Settings View - Status

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