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tfk8s is a tool that makes it easier to work with the Terraform Kubernetes Provider.

If you want to copy examples from the Kubernetes documentation or migrate existing YAML manifests and use them with Terraform without having to convert YAML to HCL by hand, this tool is for you.



  • Convert a YAML file containing multiple manifests
  • Strip out server side fields when piping kubectl get $R -o yaml | tfk8s --strip


go install[email protected]

Alternatively, clone this repo and run:

make install

If Go's bin directory is not in your PATH you will need to add it:

export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin


Creating Terraform configurations

tfk8s -f input.yaml -o

or, using pipes:

cat input.yaml | tfk8s >


apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: test
  TEST: test

✨✨ magically becomes ✨✨

resource "kubernetes_manifest" "configmap_test" {
  manifest = {
    "apiVersion" = "v1"
    "data" = {
      "TEST" = "test"
    "kind" = "ConfigMap"
    "metadata" = {
      "name" = "test"

Use with kubectl to output maps instead of YAML

kubectl get ns default -o yaml | tfk8s -M
  "apiVersion" = "v1"
  "kind" = "Namespace"
  "metadata" = {
    "creationTimestamp" = "2020-05-02T15:01:32Z"
    "name" = "default"
    "resourceVersion" = "147"
    "selfLink" = "/api/v1/namespaces/default"
    "uid" = "6ac3424c-07a4-4a69-86ae-cc7a4ae72be3"
  "spec" = {
    "finalizers" = [
  "status" = {
    "phase" = "Active"

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