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A curated list of awesome voice projects, tools, and resources for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.



  • Voice Dev Rocks: Tech-focused newsletter from the voice developer community.
  • Voicebot Weekly: Very up-to-date and thorough coverage of what's happening in voice.
  • Hearing Voices: Market-focused newsletter sharing interesting links and thoughts about the voice space.



  • Alexa Dev Chat The official Amazon Alexa Dev podcast (monthly)
  • VoiceFirstFM: Great formats, including "This Week in Voice" and a roundtable
  • Voicebot Podcasts Weekly podcast starring people involved in the voice space


Design & Prototyping

Design Tools

  • Sayspring: Service that allows for prototyping, designing, and sharing voice apps before development stage
  • Storyline: Create voice apps without coding by using a mind map interface
  • Botmock: Design prototypes for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant with in-browser testing and team collaboration
  • Tortu: Design voice apps for any platform. Create visual flowcharts, store all phrase variants for each dialog step and create interactive prototypes.

Design Resources


Development Tools

Development Frameworks

  • Jovo: Build cross-platform voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Voxa: Alexa Framework that uses state machines
  • Flask-Ask: Alexa Skills Kit for Python
  • Woice: Voice Browsing and Transcription Framework.

NLU Tools

  • Dialogflow: Previously known as API.AI, owned by Google
  • Rasa: Open source language understanding for conversational bots and assistants Install
  • [SNIPS] ( Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized Voice Assistant Technology and Solutions.

Testing Tools

  • Reverb: Test Alexa on your phone or desktop
  • BST: Command Line Interface tool for testing while developing Alexa Skills and Google Actions
  • EchoSim: Test Alexa on your Amazon account from your browser
  • Jovo Debugger: Test Jovo voice apps in your browser

Analytics Tools

  • Dashbot: Chatbot analytics including usage metrics and live transcripts.
  • Bespoken Analytics: Dashboard including usage metrics, logging, and monitoring

Audio Tools

  • Audio Converter: Convert your MP3s into the right format for Alexa skills
  • Talestreamer: Add rich, multilayered sound effects and music to your speech output.

Other tools

  • Skillinator: Create an Alexa Skill node.js blueprint from an Interaction Model JSON
  • Slotinator: Easily create an Alexa JSON structure for custom slots


Tutorials & Courses


Templates & Examples





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