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klog is a plain-text file format and a command line tool for time tracking.

Documentation Learn how to use klog

Download Get the latest version

Changelog See whats new

Specification Understand the file format in-depth


If you have questions, feature ideas, or just want to bounce off some feedback feel invited to start a discussion. In case you run into a bug please file an issue. (When in doubt just go for an issue.)

This repository contains the sources of the command line tool as well as the specification of the klog file format. Note, that the version numbers of both are independent of each other.

Build klog from sources

As prerequisite, you need to have the Go compiler. Please check the go.mod file to see what version klog requires. In order to build the project, run:

go build src/app/cli/main/klog.go

This automatically resolves the dependencies and compiles the source code into an executable for your platform.


klog is free and open-source software distributed under the MIT license.

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