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Gulp Email Framework

A simple, gulp powered framework to develop and test responsive emails. Inspired by Gulp Email Creator and the Grunt Email Workflow.

email template screenshot


Clone this repository to a local folder and run:

npm install


A basic starter template

This framework comes with a ready to use sample start template, which can be modified how you like it. All the used example assets are ©Mailchimp.

Automatic CSS Inline and build system

The build systems inlines all the css autmaticly, but keeps your media queries in the head tag, so the build email is ready to be used in any service.

No more reloading thanks to browser sync

Browser sync is keeping all the adjustments you make to the email templates in sync and previews changes live, without manually reloading.

Smart partials

We are using gulp-file-include for includes, giving you the option to pass down props to partials like so

@@include('./var.html', {
  "name": "haoxin",
  "age": 12345,
  "socials": {
    "fb": "",
    "tw": ""

Sending test emails via Mailgun and Mandrill

Use Mailgun to send preview emails to yourself using gulp send (please adjust the setting in the gulp file to the template you want to send). Or if you have an Mandrill you can send the email you are previewing right from the UI.

A simple UI for designing your emails

Preview and manage all your templates right from the UI and preview your email at two devices sizes at the same time, browser sync will keep all the iFrames in sync for you.

How to use

Rename the config-sample.json file to config.json. Add you api keys for mailgun and mandrill, if you want to use either of the service for sending test emails to yourself. Setting up an mailgun account for that is free, but it doesn't support sending emails from the UI.

  "testing": {
    "from": "from-email",
    "to": "recepit-email",
    "subject": "your-subject-line"

  "auth": {
    "mailgun": {
      "apikey": "your-api-key",
      "sandbox": "your-sandbox-url"
    "mandrill": {
      "apikey": "your-api-key"

Run the framework by using


Now edit the template in


or create your own from scratch. As long as the gulp task is running it will automaticly build the template on every save and reload the browser. If you create a new template make sure to include it in the panel sidebar.

<div class="template-list">
    <li><a href="/build/basic-template.html">Basic Template</a></li>
    <li><a href="/build/your-new-template">Your newly added Template</a></li>

in panel/index.html.

Pull request and feedback welcome, as this is a very first version. Thanks a lot Filip for helping my with lots of the JS part.

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