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HEML is an open source markup language for building responsive email.

  • Native Feel: Do you know HTML and CSS? Check out our docs and you're off to the races! No special rules or styling paradigms to master.

  • Forward Thinking: HEML is designed to take advantage of all that email can do while still providing a solid experience for all clients.

  • Extendable: You can create your own powerful elements and style rules. Share them with the world, or keep them to yourself. Your choice.


Why should I use HEML?

It makes building emails easier.

How do I use it?

Check out our usage guide.

What do I do if I found a bug?

Open up an issue on the repository. Thanks for catching it! 🙏

Want to help?

Awesome!! We welcome any and all help! Head over to the issues and see if anything catches your eye.



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