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Flutter Examples

Compilation work in progress. You can find other public samples at

Collection of Flutter Apps

Flutter Game Center
Flutter Persistence Flutter Nike Shop
Flutter Nike Sb Showcase Neighbourly Chat
Nutshell Simple Course App (
Flutter Moviehub Flutter Firestore CRUD

Example apps

  1. Flutter Moviehub
  2. Flutter Firestore CRUD
  3. Flutter Persistence (Local Data and Secure Storage)
  4. Flutter Nike Shop (Cube Transform Effect)
  5. Flutter Nike Sb Showcase (Staggered Animations)
  6. Neighbourly Chat (Real-time chat application powered by
  7. Nutshell (Flutter Staggered Animations)
  8. Simple Course App (Prototype Challenge)
  9. Flutter Game Center (Testing Strategies)


Clone the repo

$ git clone

Select a project

$ cd <project_name>

Install dependencies

$ flutter packages get

Run the app

$ flutter run -v


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