[Example APPS] Basic Flutter apps, for flutter devs.
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An awesome list that curates the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
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[Example APPS] Basic Flutter apps, for flutter devs.
Flame8,159314611 hours ago109July 02, 2023108mitDart
A Flutter based game engine.
Flutter Tutorials4,612
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The repo contains the source code for all the tutorials on the FilledStacks Youtube channel.
Projectlearn Project Based Learning1,895
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A curated list of project tutorials for project-based learning.
3 months ago1C
*That Project's project repository
Flutter Tdd Clean Architecture Course1,168
2 years ago31Dart
Learn Graphql1,122
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Real world GraphQL tutorials for frontend developers with deadlines!
Awesome Flame773
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An awesome list that curates the best Flame games, projects, libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
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This repository containing links of all the example apps demonstrating features/functionality/integrations in Flutter application development.

YouTube Channel


Facebook Group

Let's Flutter With Dart

Some Screenshots

Flutter Example Apps (Source Code + YouTube Link)


  1. Flutter WhatsApp Clone Appwatch

  2. Flutter Instagram Clone Appwatch

  3. Flutter Build a Beautiful Pokemon App - Englishwatch

  4. Flutter Build a Beautiful Pokemon App - Hindiwatch

  5. Flutter Responsive Game of Thrones Flutter Appwatch

  6. Flutter: Quiz Appwatch

  7. Flutter StackOverflow Appwatch

  8. Flutter Gender Prediction Appwatch

  9. Flutter Cocktail Appwatch

  10. Flutter Gif Search Engine Appwatch

  11. Flutter QuotesX Appwatch

Flutter For Web / Desktop / Responsive

  1. Flutter For Web: Getting Started | Migrating PokemonApp to Webwatch

  2. Flutter Web: Making a Responsive Portfolio App | Part 1watch

  3. Flutter Web: Deploying Portfolio App To Github.IO | Peanut Tutorial | Part 2watch

  4. Flutter Web: Deploying Flutter UIKit to Github Pages | Peanut Tutorialwatch

  5. Flutter Web : Flutter 1.10 Adding Web Support For New & Existing Projectswatch

  6. Flutter Web Desktop Cocktail Appwatch

  7. Flutter PWA Tutorial - 1/2watch

  8. Flutter Official PWA Support - 2/2watch

  9. Flutter Responsive Portfolio App | Flutter Mobile, Web, & Desktop | SpeedX Codewatch

Flutter Designs

  1. Adobe XD Flutter Early Access Tutorial | Getting Startedwatch

  2. Beautiful Nike Web Design Concept With Flutterwatch

Beginners & Intermediate

  1. Flutter Devfest Appwatch

  2. Flutter Firebase MLKIT Appwatch

  3. Flutter Tic Tac Toe Gamewatch

  4. Flutter Music Player Appwatch

  5. Flute Music PluginPub

  6. Flutter Firebase Setupwatch

  7. Flutter Firebase CRUDwatch

  8. Flutter Bottom Sheet Appwatch

  9. Flutter WebSockets Appwatch

  10. Flutter Sqflite MVP Appwatch

  11. Flutter Crypto Appwatch

  12. Flutter Redux Appwatch

  13. Flutter Frenzy Chat Appwatch

  14. Flutter Calculatorwatch

  15. Flutter Login Page Appwatch

  16. Flutter Login Page Bloc Pattern Appwatch

  17. Flutter Beautiful Material Navigation Drawerwatch

  18. Flutter Material Design Widgets - | Tabs | BottomNavigationBar | Stepper | Snackbar etc Appwatch

  19. Flutter Git Quick Start Guidewatch

  20. Flutter Local JSON Appwatch

  21. Flutter Fetching App Using HTTPwatch

  22. Flutter Swipe to delete ListView Appwatch

  23. Flutter Line Clipping Appwatch

  24. Flutter Bezier Curve Appwatch

  25. Flutter CryptoShadow Hugo EXTRAT

  26. Flutter LifeCycle And Orientationwatch

  27. Flutter Splash Screen - FlutKartwatch

  28. Flutter Real Splash Screens for both OSwatch

  29. Flutter Walkthrough Package & AppwatchPub

  30. Flutter Validating Form - Login Formwatch

  31. Flutter Age Calculator Appwatch

  32. Flutter Collapsing Toolbar Layoutwatch

  33. Flutter PullToRefresh ListViewwatch

  34. Flutter Internet Connectivitywatch

  35. Flutter Access Camera Appwatch

  36. Firebase Build Beautiful Wallpaper App P1watch

  37. Flutter: Integrate Ads | Create Admob Account P2watch

  38. Flutter: Integrate Analytics | Firebase Analytics | Handling Library Issues P3watch

  39. Flutter: Prepare App For Release | App Signing | Create JKS P4watch

  40. Flutter: Publish App to PlayStore | Fully Explained Demo P5watch

  41. Flutter: Expandable & Sticky Header Listwatch

  42. Flutter: Backdrop Widget Tutorial | Material Design 2.0watch

  43. Flutter: QR Code Scanner Appwatch

  44. Flutter: Integrate Google Maps Tutorialwatch

  45. VSCode Tips & Tricks | Flutter | 20 Useful Shortcutswatch

  46. Flutter: Handle Back Button Pressed | WillPopScope Widgetwatch

  47. Flutter: Programatically Check Whether Debug OR Release Modewatch

  48. Flutter: Make New Gmail Like FloatingActionButtonwatch

  49. Routes in Flutter | Push | PushNamed | GenerateRoute | Unknown Routewatch

  50. Flutter: Data Connection Checker | Wifi connected but no internetwatch

  51. Flutter: Android App Bundle Step By Step Guidewatch

  52. Flutter: Click | Pick | Crop | Compress an Image | AndroidXwatch

  53. Flutter: Overriding Dependencies | Solving Version Conflictswatch

  54. Flutter: Styling Google Maps For Multiple Themes | Android & iOS | Official Pluginwatch

  55. Flutter: WhatsApp Clone Status View | Story View Feature Tutorialwatch

  56. Making Ubuntu like terminal in Flutterwatch

  57. Westlife Using Flutter


  1. Flutter Advanced: Signature App (CustomPainter)watch

  2. Flutter Advanced: Dynamic Theming | Change Theme At Runtimewatch

  3. Flutter Advanced: Inherited Widget & Scoped Model Explained | Part - 1watch

  4. Flutter Advanced: BloC Pattern Explained | Part - 2watch

  5. Flutter Advanced Redux: Shopping Cart App From Scratch | Redux Time Travelwatch

  6. Flutter Advanced: Build Your First Plugin For Android & iOS | Flutter ToastswatchPub

  7. Flutter Advanced: Download Large Files (Pdf, Json, Image etc) With Progress %watch

  8. Flutter Advanced: Async Programming | Future | Async Awaitwatch

  9. Flutter Advanced: Semantic Versioningwatch

  10. Flutter Advanced : Build Beautiful Material Search App or Integrate it with Any Appwatch

  11. Flutter Advanced : Add Flutter To Existing Or New Android Appwatch

  12. Flutter Advanced: The BloC Pattern on Whiteboardwatch

  13. Flutter Advanced Login Page Bloc Pattern Appwatch

  14. Flutter Advanced Face ID & Touch ID/Fingerprint Local Auth Appwatch

  15. Flutter Advanced Securing your Flutter Apps | Prevent Screenshot Appwatch

  16. Flutter Advanced: ARCore Tutorial | Sceneform | Exploring New Possibilitieswatch

  17. Flutter Advanced: ARKit Tutorial | iOSwatch

  18. Flutter Advanced: PDF Viewer Tutorial Android & IOS | From URL & Assetwatch

  19. Flutter Advanced: Auto Create Models from JSON | Serializablewatch

  20. Flutter Advanced: Background Fetch | Run code in the background Android & iOSwatch

  21. Flutter Advanced: Lazy Loading ListViews | Load More Data On Scrollwatch

  22. Flutter Advanced: Find Widget's Size & Position Using Render Objectwatch

  23. Flutter Advanced: TensorFlow Lite | Object Detection | YoloV2 | SSD Tutorialwatch

  24. Flutter Zoom In Zoom Out And Rotatewatch

Flutter Animation Series

  1. Flutter: Animation Series || Episode 1 || Basic Animation watch

  2. Flutter Animation: Ep 2 || Animation Series || Easing watch

  3. Flutter Animation: Ep 3 || Animation Series || Brick Animationswatch

  4. Flutter: Animation Series Ep 4 | Flipper Widgetwatch

  5. Flutter Flare 1.0 : Getting Started With 2D Animationswatch

  6. Flutter - Making a Christmas Tree | Tween Animationwatch

Flutter Library Series

  1. Awesome HTTP Inspector Tool | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-01 watch

  2. Awesome Animated Loaders | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-02 watch

  3. Awesome Onboarding Experience | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-03watch

  4. Awesome Overlays | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-04watch

  5. Awesome Extensions | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-05watch

  6. Storing Keys in .env file | BuildConfig | Flutter Library of the Week | EP-06watch

  7. Flutter Powerful VelocityX | VelocityX | Ch01-Ch05watch

  8. Flutter RxDart Explained - The Flutter Waywatch

Flutter Weekly Widgets Series

  1. Flutter: SizedBox | Flutter Weekly Widgets | Ep 1 watch

  2. Flutter: Animated Builder | Improve Performance | Ep 2 watch

  3. Flutter: Draggable & Drag Target | Ep 3 watch

  4. Flutter: World of Cupertino (iOS) | Ep 4 watch

  5. Flutter: Data Table | Ep 5 | Flutter Weekly Widgets watch

  6. Flutter: WebView | Browser App | Ep 6 | Website to Appwatch

  7. Flutter Advanced: Overlay Widget | Ep 7 | Flutter Weekly Widgets watch

  8. Flutter Advanced: Placeholder, Spacer, Visibility Widgets | Ep 8 watch

  9. Flutter Weekly Widgets S02E01 | Reordable ListViewwatch

  10. Flutter Weekly Widgets S02E02 | 3D ListViewwatch

  11. Flutter Weekly Widgets S02E03 | Universal Error Widgetwatch

Plugins on pub.dartlang.org

  1. Flutter VelocityX

  2. Flutter Flute Music Plugin - First Open Source Flutter based material design music player with audio plugin to play local music files.(Online Radio will be added soon).

  3. Flutter Walkthrough - A new Flutter package for both android and iOS which helps developers in creating animated walkthrough of their app.

  4. Flutter Toast PK - A new Flutter plugin for showing toast in android and ios.

  5. Random PK - A new Flutter package that gives a container with random color.

  6. PK Skeleton - A Facebook & Twitter Like Card Loading Shimmer Skeleton Library..

  7. MediumClapFlutter - A Custom Floating Action Button (FAB) library like clapping effect on Medium.

  8. audioplayers - A Flutter plugin to play multiple simultaneously audio files, works for Android and iOS.

  9. flame - A minimalist Flutter game engine.

Dart Series

  1. Learn Dart Basics in 30 Minswatch

  2. Thread of Execution, Functions & Call Stack- Dart Under The Hood CH1watch

Dart Backend Series (Source Code + YouTube Link)

  1. Dart: How to Setup Aqueduct | Intro | Aqueductwatch

  2. Dart: How to write your first REST API | Intro & 1/7 | Aqueductwatch

  3. Dart: How to make controllers ? | 1/7 | Aqueductwatch

  4. Dart: Indexing And Routing ? | 2/7 | Aqueductwatch

  5. Dart: How to write tests ? | 3/7 | Aqueductwatch

  6. Dart: How to setup PostgreSQL ? | 4/7 | Aqueductwatch

  7. Dart: How to write tests with test db ? | 5/7 | Aqueductwatch

  8. Dart: What is ORM ? | 5/7 | Aqueductwatch

  9. Dart: How to make DataModels ? | 5/7 | Aqueductwatch

  10. Dart: What are Relationships and Joins | 6/7 | Aqueductwatch

  11. Dart: How to deploy to real database ? | 7/7 | Aqueductwatch

  12. Server Side Dart - Exploring Angel | First APIwatch

  13. Flutter App + Backend (Angel) = FullStackwatch

  14. Deno (Backend) + Flutter (Frontend) Full Tutorial | QuotesX API & APPwatch

Workshops & Interviews

  1. Flutter From Scratch - Workshop | Photos Info App | Instagram Clone & Morewatch

  2. Taking Flight with VelocityX - Pawan Kumar (Flutter Week)watch

  3. Interview With A Googler | Chris Sells | Episode 01 | Flutter Q&Awatch

Pull Requests

I welcome and encourage all pull requests. It usually will take me within 24-48 hours to respond to any issue or request. Here are some basic rules to follow to ensure timely addition of your request:

  1. Match the document style as closely as possible.
  2. Please keep PR titles easy to read and descriptive of changes, this will make them easier to merge :)
  3. Pull requests must be made against master branch for this particular repository.
  4. Check for existing issues first, before filing an issue.
  5. Make sure you follow the set standard as all other projects in this repo do
  6. Have fun!

Created & Maintained By

Pawan Kumar (@imthepk) (YouTube) (Instagram)

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