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Map of more than 1,200 diacritics and ligatures to english alphabet equivalents.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save diacritics-map


var diacritics = require('diacritics-map');
// {
//   ...
//   'À': 'A',
//   'Á': 'A',
//   'Â': 'A',
//   'Ã': 'A',
//   'Ä': 'A',
//   'Å': 'A',
//   'Æ': 'AE',
//   'Ç': 'C',
//   'È': 'E',
//   'É': 'E',
//   'Ê': 'E',
//   'Ë': 'E',
//   'Ì': 'I',
//   'Í': 'I',
//   'Î': 'I',
//   (1,200+ more)...
// }



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Please read the contributing guide for advice on opening issues, pull requests, and coding standards.

Building docs

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To generate the readme and API documentation with verb:

$ npm install -g verb verb-generate-readme && verb

Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm install -d && npm test


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright © 2017, Jon Schlinkert. Released under the MIT license.

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