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Flux UI Framework

A lightweight alternative to Flex. Somewhere between Keith Peter's excellent MinimalComps and Flex.

Flux is designed to be much easier to style and extend than Flex, but you lose some of its deeper features. If you've used Flex, you should be right at home.

Features :-

Small (~120K).

A well rounded set of controls, including PropertyInspector List and Tree (including drag and drop) Containers (HBox, VBox, Panel) Buttons (Toggle, Checkbox, Radio) Viewstacks (TabNavigator) MenuBar ColorPicker DropDownMenu Slider NumericStepper TextArea TextInput NumberInput Tooltips ProgressBar

Simple styling mechanism Skin is provided via exported symbol SWC from flash. Skins are 'baked' into a component when created - no dynamic changing allowed.

Includes a deserializer to turn mxml-style declarative syntax into nested component instances at run-time. CursorManager Component-level focus management Proportional layout support (100% height/width) Simple binding mechanism ArrayCollection (serves as the basis of all dataproviders).

There are currently two examples showing most features (a sandbox and a simple code/design view app). This project is being actively developed fixed while integrating into a large, GUI heavy app.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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