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Awesome Open Source

IT Documentation Accounting and Invoicing System for Small MSPs.

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  • Client Documentation

    • Contacts
    • Locations (Head Quarters, Satellite locations)
    • Vendors (ISP, WebHost, MailHost etc)
    • Assets (Laptop, Workstations, Routers, Switches, Access Points, phones, etc)
    • Password Manager (AES Encrypted in DB)
    • Domain Names
    • Software (Manage Applications Licenses)
    • Networks
    • Files (PDF Contracts, Manuals, Router Backup Configs, etc)
    • Documents (Tech Docs, How-tos, Notes, etc)
    • Tickets
    • Client Documentation (Single Downloadable PDF of all documentation for a client)
  • Client Portal

    • Invoice, Quotes and Payment information
    • More to come soon...
  • Invoicing

    • Automatically Emails Past Due Invoices to clients
    • Auto Email Receipts upon receiving payments
    • Automatic Recurring Invoices
  • Quotes

    • Automated customer approval process using a link that sent via email
    • Turn Quotes into invoices with a signle click
  • Accounting

    • Expense Tracking (Track Internal Business Expenses such as Office Supplies, Professional Services, Equipment etc)
    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Income/Expense Summaries
    • Travel Mileage Tracking (Track your mileage to and from clients and other points of business)
    • Account Transfers / Deposits (Keep track of money transfers from account to account)
    • Accounts
  • Alerting/Notifications

    • Low Account Balances
    • Domains to expire
    • Password reset reminder for customers
    • Past Due Invoices
    • Software License Expiration
  • Calendar

    • Schedule Jobs
    • Overview of Invoices, Domains that are expiring, etc
    • Schedule Events
    • Automatic Email Reminders of upcoming calendar events to customers
  • Dashboard

    • Overview of business financials
  • API

    • XML Phonebook download for VOIP Phones
    • FreePBX Integrated called ID (When call comes in it queries the Database and displays the company name on your caller ID as well as alerts you in the CRM)
    • Pull Emails for Mailing list Integration
    • Check account Balances using FreePBX IVR
  • Multi-Tenant - One Instance Multiple Companies and Users

  • Audit Logging - Logs actions of users on the system

  • Permission / Roles

  • 2FA Login Support (TOTP)

Installation Instructions

  • Change directory to your webroot
  • git clone .
  • Create a MySQL/MariaDB database
  • Point your browser to your Web Server
  • Go through the Setup Process
  • Login
  • Start inputing some data


  • Webserver (Apache, NGINX)
  • PHP7+
  • MariaDB / MySQL

Technologies Used

  • Backend / PHP libs

    • PHP
    • MariaDB / MySQL
    • PHPmailer
  • CSS

    • Bootstrap
    • AdminLTE
    • fontawesome
  • JS Libraries

    • chart.js
    • moments.js
    • Jquery
    • pdfmake
    • Select2
    • SummerNote

API Calls

  • Caller ID lookup (Great for integrating with your phone system like FreePBX, and having your VOIP phone return the client thats calling) - /api.php?api_key=[API_KEY]&cid=[PHONE_NUMBER] - Returns a name
  • XML Phonebook Download (Great for using with VOIP Phones so phpnes have an up to date directory) - /api.php?api_key=[API_KEY]&phonebook
  • Client Email (great for mailing lists) - /api.php?api_key=[API_KEY]&client_emails - Returns Client Name - Email Address
  • Account Balance for Client (can be integrated into multiple places for example in FreePBX Press 3 to check account balance, please enter your client ID your blanace is) - /api.php?api_key=[API_KEY]&client_id=[CLIENT_ID] - Returns Account Balance NOTE: [API_KEY] - is auto generated when a company is created and shows up in General Settings, this can also be changed manually.

Future Todo

  • MeshCentral / TacticalRMM Integation to assign devices to assets and easily access remote desktop within the app, as well as pull vital information such as asset make, model, serial, hostname, Operating System,
  • CalDAV to integrate with 3rd party calendars
  • CardDAV to integrate with 3rd party Address books
  • Stripe Integration for online payments
  • Toast Alerts with recent caller that matches caller ID in database which allows you to click on the toast alerts and bring up the clients account right away.
  • Built-in mailing list used for alerts and marketing
  • WebAuthn Support for passwordless auth (TPM Fingerprint), (USB Hardware keys such as Yubikey)

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