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node-quill-converter NPM version

Convert HTML to a Quill Delta or a Quill Delta to HTML

The purpose of this package is to assist in migrating to or from the Quill editor.


# Via NPM
npm install node-quill-converter --save

# Via Yarn
yarn add node-quill-converter

Getting Started

Convert a plain text string to a Quill delta:

const { convertTextToDelta } = require('node-quill-converter');

let text = 'hello, world';
let delta = convertTextToDelta(text);

console.log(JSON.stringify(delta)); // {"ops":[{"insert":"hello, world\n"}]}

Convert a HTML string to a Quill delta:

const { convertHtmlToDelta } = require('node-quill-converter');

let htmlString = '<p>hello, <strong>world</strong></p>';
let delta = convertHtmlToDelta(htmlString);

console.log(JSON.stringify(delta); // {"ops":[{"insert":"hello, "},{"insert":"world","attributes":{"bold":true}}]}

Convert a Quill delta to an HTML string:

const { convertDeltaToHtml } = require('node-quill-converter');

let html = convertDeltaToHtml(delta);

console.log(html) ; // '<p>hello, <strong>world</strong></p>'


MIT License Copyright (c) 2018 Joel Colucci

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