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A wrapper component that provides click outside detection
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This is a small helper component that lets you listen for clicks outside of an element. For example, if you want to close a popup when the user clicks outside of it.


npm install --save svelte-click-outside

Basic Usage

Wrap the element in the <ClickOutside> component and listen for the clickoutside event:

    function onClickOutside() {
      console.log('Clicked outside!');

  <ClickOutside on:clickoutside={onClickOutside}>
    <div>Click Outside Me</div>


By default, clicking on any element outside of the wrapped element will cause the event to trigger. You can specify excluded elements that will not trigger the event. For example, a button that triggers a popup must be excluded. Otherwise, it will immediately close the popup when it is opened.

The ClickOutside component has an exclude prop that expects an array of DOM nodes. Clicks on those nodes or their children will be ignored.

Example: Show/hide panel

    import ClickOutside from 'svelte-click-outside';

    let triggerEl;
    let panelVisible = false;

    function togglePanel() {
      panelVisible = !panelVisible;

    function hidePanel() {
      panelVisible = false;

  <button bind:this={triggerEl} on:click={togglePanel}>Click Me</button>

  <ClickOutside on:clickoutside={hidePanel} exclude={[triggerEl]}>
    <div hidden={!panelVisible}>I'm a panel!</div>
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