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Awesome Open Source


Go debugging for Vim.

See it in action



  • Go
  • Neovim
  • vim-go
  • Delve
  • On macOS, it is advised to install through brew, due to problems with certificates.


Copy all files to your ~/.vim directory or use Tim Pope's excellent pathogen plugin (


:call GoToggleBreakpoint() to add or remove a breakpoint at the current line :call GoDebug() to start a debug session for the main package

Development and Improvements

This is a tool that is useful for my workflow. If you think it's useful, be my guest and use it too.

I won't actively support this plugin. If you find a bug, or want an improvement, please open a PR if you want to see it fixed.


Error detected while processing function godebug#debug

vim is not yet supported. Try it with neovim.


2017 - Luca Guidi -

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