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Hawkmoth - Sphinx Autodoc for C

Hawkmoth is a minimalistic Sphinx_ C Domain_ autodoc directive extension to incorporate formatted C source code comments written in reStructuredText_ into Sphinx based documentation. It uses Clang Python Bindings for parsing, and generates C Domain directives for C API documentation, and more. In short, Hawkmoth is Sphinx Autodoc for C.

Hawkmoth aims to be a compelling alternative for documenting C projects using Sphinx, mainly through its simplicity of design, implementation and use.

.. _Sphinx:

.. _C Domain:

.. _reStructuredText:


Given C source code with rather familiar looking documentation comments::


  • Get foo out of bar. */ void foobar();

and a directive in the Sphinx project::

.. c:autodoc:: filename.c

you can incorporate code documentation into Sphinx. It's as simple as that.

You can document functions, their parameters and return values, structs, unions, their members, macros, function-like macros, enums, enumeration constants, typedefs, variables, as well as have generic documentation comments not attached to any symbols.


Documentation on how to configure Hawkmoth and write documentation comments, with examples, is available in the doc directory in the source tree, obviously in Sphinx format and using the directive extension. Pre-built documentation showcasing what Hawkmoth can do_ is available at Read the Docs_.

.. _showcasing what Hawkmoth can do:

.. _Read the Docs:


You can install Hawkmoth from PyPI_ with::

pip install hawkmoth

You'll additionally need to install Clang and Python 3 bindings for it through your distro's package manager; they are not available via PyPI. You may also need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that the Clang library can be found. For example::

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(llvm-config --libdir)

Alternatively, installation packages are available for:

  • Arch Linux_

In Sphinx, add hawkmoth to extensions, and point cautodoc_root at the source tree. See the extension documentation for details.

.. _PyPI:

.. _Arch Linux:

Development and Contributing

Hawkmoth source code is available on GitHub_. The development version can be checked out via git using this command::

git clone

Please file bugs and feature requests as GitHub issues. Contributions are welcome both as emailed patches to the mailing list and as pull requests.

.. _GitHub:


  • Python 3.4
  • Sphinx 1.8
  • Clang 6.0
  • Python 3 Bindings for Clang 6.0
  • sphinx-testing 1.0.0 (for development)

These are the versions Hawkmoth is currently being developed and tested against. Other versions might work, but no guarantees.


Hawkmoth is free software, released under the 2-Clause BSD License_.

.. _2-Clause BSD License:


IRC channel #hawkmoth on freenode_.

Mailing list [email protected]. Subscription information at the list home page_.

.. _freenode:

.. _list home page:

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