Watching You

watching-you is a javascript library for building animations that watch anything on DOM 👀.
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Watching You1,336
2 months ago1iscTypeScript
watching-you is a javascript library for building animations that watch anything on DOM 👀.
React Faux Dom1,219438763 years ago37March 31, 2019unlicenseJavaScript
DOM like structure that renders to React (unmaintained, archived)
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Use the full power of React and GSAP together
Alternatives To Watching You
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watching your mouse watching your input value


  • Be able to watch the mouse or another DOM, or even input values, watch anything you want!
  • Because it is DOM-based, it is easy to support RWD
  • Supports multiple frameworks
  • Zero dependency (every framework is!)
  • Written in typescript
  • The size of the core code is only 3kb after gzip compression
  • If the element is not on the screen, it will automatically stop watching


The source code can be found here


watching-you's storybook using react, but every framework can do the same thing!


The API is still subject to change until version 1.0.0 is released


If you use watching-you directly without any compiler(babel), (e.g. Wordpress project using CDN import watching-you)

Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Opera iOS Safari/Chrome Android Chrome
Supported 70+ 73+ 14.1+ 80+ 70+ 14.1+

But if you use a compiler like babel and import polyfill, it can even support IE11

Some references:




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