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JS GraphQL IntelliJ Plugin

GraphQL language support for WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform.

Features overview

  • Full language support for the June 2018 GraphQL Specification including the Type System Definition Language (SDL)
  • The plugin discovers your local schema on the fly. Remote schemas are easily fetched using introspection
  • Schema discovery is configured using graphql-config v2 files, including support for multi-schema projects
  • Built-in support for Relay and Apollo projects: graphql and gql tagged template literals in JavaScript and TypeScript are automatically recognized as GraphQL
  • Execute queries using variables against configurable endpoints, including support for custom headers and environment variables
  • Schema-aware completion, error highlighting, and documentation
  • Syntax highlighting, code-formatting, folding, commenter, and brace-matching
  • 'Find Usages' and 'Go to Declaration' for schema types, fields, and fragments
  • 'Structure view' to navigate GraphQL files
  • Load variables from .env files. Supported file names: .env.local,.env.development.local,.env.development,.env


The main documentation site is available at

Which IDEs are compatible with the plugin?

The plugin is compatible with version 2019.3+ (193.7288 or later) of all IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform, including but not limited to WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, RubyMine, PhpStorm, and PyCharm.

Where can I get the plugin?

The plugin is published to the JetBrains Plugin Repository.

To install it, open your IDE "Settings", "Plugins", "Marketplace" and search for "GraphQL".


Tagged template literals

Supported tags are: graphql, gql, Relay.QL, Apollo.gql.

const QUERY = gql``;

IntelliJ default comment-based injection

// language=GraphQL
const QUERY = `query { field }`;

C-style comments

const QUERY = /* GraphQL */ `query { field }`;

GraphQL comments

const QUERY = `
    query { field }


This plugin was heavily inspired by GraphiQL from Facebook.

A number of language features such as query and schema validation are powered by graphql-java.

A thanks also goes out to the Apollo and Prisma teams for their continued efforts to improve the GraphQL Developer Experience.

And finally, a thank you to the JetBrains WebStorm team and the Alpha/Beta testers for all their help in getting the 2.0 release across the finish line.



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